Mar 26, 2014

According to iPhone | 3.26.2014

Lately in Life...

I feel like my yard is in this weird place. Maybe it's gearing up for a big bloomfest. Maybe I've been too cheap to water everything sufficiently. I have a bunch of things I want to plant and clean up, but lately it's been an "ain't nobody got time for that" kind of situation. Freesia and Calla Lilies are still in bloom, though. My hass avocado trees are in bloom right now, too. Please, oh please let there be tons this year. I could eat them all day er'ry day!

We've been celebrating lots of birthdays lately. Kristi's and Erin's to name a few. 

 Our church starts at 1:00 and I still walk in 3 minutes late every week. I'm usually a punctual person but I suck at Sundays. I want to believe some day it'll be easier. I dislike that I hate Sundays. They've always given me anxiety. Maybe it's that Monday is looming or maybe it's that I'm in a constant state of terrified that someone will ask me to say something in front of a group of people. I hate that I have such intense fear up public speaking. It's crippling. Anyone have advice for someone like me? 
 Awww, Mondays. Sometimes we come home from the gym and eat snacks on the trampoline, while soaking up sun. 

 Indy has been a pretty fun little sidekick lately. He's talking more and becoming more independent. He's also throwing tantrums and showing all signs of two year old behavior. Awesome. Still, I'm glad I have my little Bear :) I miss my big boys all day in school so I love having him around. 

 My friend Lizzy came to visit for her Spring Break. We did the usual beach, Zoo, favorite restaurants, and all night girl's nights. I love and miss her so much. Thank goodness she comes to visit so often. My abs are alway sore the following week from all the laughing when she's here. #carrotpeeler #insidejokes 

 Brenner rocking a stache for a Mustache party. He almost looks Mexican. I love it. 
 Speaking of Mexicans. I'm still pinching myself about the Rodriguez's being back in San Diego. I love them so much. They're basically family...or familia. AND, we just found out she's having a GIRL. Excited doesn't even begin to explain. 
 Sunday Dinner on these rad glass plates I scored for nuttin at a yard sale. #winning

Bouncing blue eyed baby boy Boyd in stripes. 

It's almost Spring Break around here. San Diego is about to get crazy with tourists. We'll be out there in the crazy, too. Beach-Zoo-Park-Repeat. Happy Spring!

The End. 

Mar 17, 2014

I'm only human

I was listening to this song by Christina Perri last night, and it got me all kinds of emotional. I just feel like so many women in my close circle of friends have had a rough go at life lately. So much is required and expected of us and yet we just endlessly and tirelessly go and go and go....until we fall down. 

Isn't she beautiful?

We fail and feel guilty sometimes. I know I do. Yes, I like to have things perfect, but it just isn't realistic. Not always. Not forever. As someone who thrives on OCD tendencies it's a horrible little pill to swallow. I remember my Mom would tell me, "You can't keep this up forever. At some point when things get really busy in life, something will have to give." I didn't believe her when I was young, but of course I get it now. Per usual, Mom is right. 

My house this morning has dead flowers, baskets of laundry, Lego Armageddon, and dishes from last night in the sink. I mean, I'm only human. :)

Mar 9, 2014

Erin's Dirty Thirty

I don't think I've ever thrown a full-blown surprise party before. I have come to the conclusion that the very hardest part is all the lying. Lies, lies, lies! I had to lie about where I was going, why I had to break plans and make plans. I had to make my kids lie and practically threaten them to not give the surprise away. I had to make up lies on the spot and make sure my lies were in sync with everyone elses lies. After all was said and done (all the lies that is), it was so freaking worth it. We pulled it off and my sweet friend Erin got quite the shock for her big 30th Birthday Party. 

Due to random circumstances I won't go into, we had to have her party a week before her actual birthday and only had time to plan the party a few days ahead of time. Even though it was go.go.go for three days, it was kind of nice having no option of procrastination. Stephanie and I hosted the party at my casa and invited close friends over for cake and yumminess. 
 Since Erin and I are both fans of Dirty Dr Pepper and it was her Dirty Thirty, Stephanie and I decided to have a Dirty Thirty Dr Pepper bar. Oh yes, that happened. 

 And because San Diego FINALLY has a Sonic, we had Sonic ice. Score. 
 Stephanie and I hodge-podged decorations from old birthdays and baby showers and it turned out pretty cute. We themed everything black and white stripes with pops of yellow and gold. It felt very Erin-ish. 
 The Menu | I made a gourmet cheese + fruit board | crostini with caramelized onions + pear + gorgonzola + arugula | pesto + meatballs + bowtie pasta skewers | and a decadent chocolate cake. Stephanie made bacon-wrapped EVERYTHING and it was all amazing. There were bacon-wrapped goat cheese stuffed dates, water chestnuts, pineapple, green olives and little smokies. I think my favorite were the dates. But let's be honest, any and all bacon wrapped food is epic. 

 Most importantly, Erin was celebrated, loved and genuinely surprised. I'm glad I don't have to lie to her anymore. 

I'm thankful so many people came out to celebrate and I'm thankful it all went down without a hitch. Mostly though, I'm thankful God gave me such a wonderful friend. I wuv her very, very much. 

Such as...

The end. 

Mar 5, 2014

According to iPhone 3|5|2014

Lately in Life...

If you follow me on Instagram, some of these pictures will probably be boringly repetitive. Sorry. Well kinda sorry. Not really though. Aren't these flowers fabby? Every week there is something NEW blooming in my yard, and clearly I feel some obligatory need to photograph them. Flowers make me happy I guess. 
Anja requested a rainbow cake for her birthday, and since Erin is a ridiculously talented baker, she made the perfect little rainbow cake you ever did see. It only took all day long. If kids only knew. I helped out with the topper and licking frosting off utensils. I'm a great assistant. 
 We snuck in a Zoo day with Indy and Signe before the rains came. The hummingbirds were friendly and the "Dumbos" made Indy very, very happy. 

 So, yes. Jennline aka "Yenny" has moved back to San Diego. I still can't believe it's real. We went to din din for Dave's birthday. Man, I love them. 
 While waiting for my hair to process, Indy hopped up into Kristi's chair  so she could put in some piggy tales. He looked pleased as he admired his hair in the mirror. I know, I know. I need a girl. Tell me about it. 
 After the whole fam got eye exams, we ended up needing to get Daysen some glasses. Zane tried his darndest to lie to the Doctor, all in the name of vanity. He wanted these hipster glasses something fierce. Sorry bro, $200 fashion frames ain't  happening. 

 Then he won several awards lookin' all smart. He just got selected for student of the month, too. That kid. He's a saint. 
 My friend Jordan had a SUPER cute Dr. Seuss party in celebration of his 110th birthday. Complete with green eggs & ham, pink yink ink drink and all other Dr. Seussish things. I made a Truffula fruit tray and Erin made Some rainbow bread that was mesmerizingly perfect. 

 I think every color of Ranunculus has popped up around my yard. This peach is my favorite so far. 
The rains have been great but I'm sure happy to have the sunshine back. I'm extra excited for the time change on Sunday, which means more light in the evenings. I'm ready for BBQ season already. Yes, yes, YES!

The end.