Dec 9, 2014

This Week.

Oh man, have we been packing it all in.  I feel like I have to do everything I want to do this holiday season, before I go in for surgery (Thursday, eeek!).  I really don't know how I'll feel afterwards, so it's party town until then.

My cousins wife, Aarin, came to to visit with her kiddies last week.  We let the minions run amuck – we went to old town for tacos –  we had hot chocolate  – and, we went to the San Diego Temple to see the Christmas lights.  These cousins are the cutest!

We went to the sweetest baptism + birthday luncheon for sweet little Ella.

I took a few pictures of my friends, the Browns, so they could announce their pregnancy – A miracle baby they've waited a long time for.  I'm so happy for them!  They are the best humans!

We did Danish Christmas dinner with the Meilsoes and Smiths.  I've been day dreaming about this amazing meal since we had it last year. This will definitely be a yearly tradition.  

Sean got the almond in the Risalamande AGAIN this year.  Erin said I could share her recipe, so I might just do that.  You guys need this yumminess in your life! 

And we made cookies. LOTS of cookies.  I guess I'm ready for surgery now.  Let's do this. 

Dec 1, 2014

Halls Decked

I.  Love.  Christmas.  I do, I do, I DO!  

From the time I was a tot, I would get excessively excited about the festivities surrounding Christmas.  – and for me it all begins with the tree.  We almost always had a real tree growing up, and I would long for that comfy cozy feeling of the tree up, lights twinkling, fire crackling and pine fresh aroma filling the house.  I'm running out of time before my surgery (9 days now, but who's counting) and I have a list of Christmas musts to get going on.  I need to bake cookies, go see the lights at the temple, sing Christmas carols, host or attend at cookie exchange, attend a few holiday parties and dinners and then I'll be ready to hunker down on the couch for the rest of the season with my babies. *sigh* – I will have Christmas movies, hot chocolate and pain meds on repeat.  A memorable Christmas for sure.  Eeeeek! 

I've been working on getting stuff up around the house and I like to remember how we change it up each year.  This years tree pales in comparison to last years monster tree. – but our new guy is a fluffy & delicious noble fir.  I love 'em. 

Nov 28, 2014

Thanksgiving | 2014

We went up to Orange County to have Thanksgiving with my family this year.  My Aunt Merideth usually hosts Thanksgiving dinner, and you can always count on two things – The best ever sausage gravy and Aunt Aeme's cranberry fruit salad.  Of course, the company is always great, too :)  Meri heated the pool + hot tub for the kiddies (although it was almost 90 yesterday) and she put out a scrumdiddlyumptious spread of cruditĂ© for us to snack on during the day.  We all chatted and laughed and scared the older people when opportunities arose.  A guaranteed great time. 

I brought up some flowers for the table, along with green bean casserole, sweet potato soufflĂ© and a pumpkin pecan trifle.  I didn't get hardly any pictures, but everything was beautiful and yummy, per usual.  

 My kids are going to have a rude awakening if we ever leave San Diego.  Until then, they remain blissfully ignorant in assuming that this is the standard weather and activities to be enjoyed on Thanksgiving.  They had a fun time with their cousins – with only one or two toddler tussles. 

  Usually family is at the top of everyone's, "What I am most thankful for" list, and oh man is that the case for me.  I have the coolest family in all the land.  Also on my list are – my faith, my friends, this great country, and of course, really good Mexican food. :) 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 24, 2014

Pat + Abby | Family Pics

Recently my super cool friends, Pat & Abby, asked me if I could help them get a few pictures for their Christmas card.  We decided to make an agreement that they would put up with my inexperience and lack of being a pro – if I would put up with little Grayson being a wild squirrel.  Deal!  Every time I take pictures I'm reminded how much I have to learn – but, I still really enjoy it.  I'm hoping to invest in some better equipment and photoshop soon – maybe then I'll feel a little more confident in my picture taking skills. 

All these pictures were centered around keeping Grayson to hold still.  I was dying because this tot is ALL boy.  He wanted no part in this picture taking funny business.  Grab a stick.  Run away.  Jump like a bunny.  Throw a pine cone.  Look left.  Look right.  Ha ha!  They're such a cute fam.  I just love them :)