Jul 21, 2016

School is OUT! 2016

Every year I write these end of year posts and every year I sit here thinking how insane it is that my kids get out of school at the end of July.  Year round school has it's benefits, but I must say, I am excited and ready for the change to traditional school schedules that our upcoming move will bring.  Plus, air conditioning in the school – That's going to be a game changer, too!  If I have to sit through one more hot and muggy assembly I might crack.  I can't imagine what those poor students and administrators go through every day.  

Next year I will have kids starting high school, middle school, elementary, and preschool (and a baby of course).  It kind of blows my mind when I think about it, but these boys are so amazing and up for all the challenges ahead.  I am so proud of my babies.  I love them so much and can't think of anything I'd rather be doing than watching them grow and learn.  Sean and I have a pretty hands off approach to parenting, but we have expectations and these awesome boys always meet them.  Congrats to my Boyd Boys!  Now let's get this summer started! 

Daysen's 8th Grade Promotion | June 21, 2016

Brenner and Zane's last days of school, including, award ceremonies, field trips, concerts, and a 5th grade promotion on July 21, 2016. 

 Last day of school!

Leading in the 5th grade class with music and dancing. So cute!


Jun 15, 2016

Bohemian Baby shower for Miss Isla Claire

Last weekend my friend Erin organized the most incredible baby shower I've ever been to – and I've been to lots!  If you are familiar with love languages, then you know that when someone has a certain love language they use to show love, then they also are most affected by that same love language shown towards them.  This was exactly how I felt.  I wanted to soak in every detail!  Every talented craft.  Every hanging flower.  Every creative dish served.  I truly love seeing the things women are able to do and create when showing love to one another.  It is such a heavenly attribute we possess.

The theme for the shower was a Boho Wildflower Wonderland.  I couldn't have picked a more perfect theme for myself and it was extra special to be surprised with it all. 

I felt like I was walking into a magical garden  – with this tee-pee made by Kristian & Erin front and center. 

Kristi made this beautiful giant "I" that I can't wait to use in Isla's nursery. 

Jaime Garrett helped Erin with all the flowers and made these flower crowns for all the guests, including my floral crown.  They looked so beautiful on everyone!

Erin and Jordan created all these little seating areas around her yard.  I'm pretty sure Jordan hauled over half the furniture from her own house!  Luckily she lives just three doors down.

Cute bunting made by Jordan.  She's the craftiest! 

Jordan sewed these wild flower pillows for all the seating areas in the shower.  Don't you just love those colors?!?

Erin had all these custom Boho prints made for the shower and then gifted them to me for Isla's nursery.  All the heart eyes!

Erin once again baked the most beautiful and delicious cake!

All this beautiful and delicious food was made by all these women I adore!  Christina Beck, Erin Plothow, Rebekah Brown, Jenniline Rodriguez, Brittany Christensen, Brittany Jarman, and Amy Asper.  

Stephanie made the yogurt and bubbly bars.  Per usual, the details are perfect and everything was super yummy!

So, I have to tell you all about this quilt.  I could cry all over again thinking about how much love went into it.  I really do have the best women surrounding me in this life.

My friend Nicci, who I met when we lived in Virginia Beach, will always be one of my most treasured soul sisters.  She made me a quilt for my 30th birthday that was constructed of fabrics she secret squirreled from several of my closest friends around the country.  Again, she reached out to my friends and had them send fabrics to her to create a quilt for baby Isla.  The result is of course stunning, but SO meaningful.  I really have no words to express the gratitude and admiration to all these women, but especially Nicci.  I love them with every fiber of my being!
Fabrics by Nicci, Erin, Stephanie, Lizzy, Kristi, Carolyn, Christina, Jenniline, and Jordan. 

Nicci's talent is endless!  She also hand made this ballerina doll – and you'll notice the anchors on the dress match the binding on the quilt, which has special meaning because our husbands are both Naval officers and that bond is what "binds" our families together :)   
It was surreal opening all these girly things for my baby Isla.  I'm still pinching myself that this is really happening.  

With the extra quilt fabric, Nicci made this bunting for the teepee.  Now I just need Kristian to make me a mini teepee for Isla's room so I can hang it on there!
Handmade gifts are always such a treat!  I could just die over these tiny little bracelets made by Jessisca Walter. 
Jordan wrapped wildflower seeds in fabric for all the guests.  I definitely saw Signe steal a few and start scattering them around the yard :)

Thank you to all of you special women who came to celebrate, showered me with gifts and love, and helped create this shower and this amazing day that I will never forget.  I love you all!