Oct 6, 2016

Isla's Boho Nursery

I feel this strange need to caveat this post with a list of excuses why this room isn't exactly the room I had designed in my head – which is silly, I know.  There are lots of hand-me-downs and hand made items, the walls were already painted with colors I didn't pick (and honestly it's hard to find the motivation to paint in a rental), and I didn't want to break the budget getting too many new things right now.  However, I've had friends and family ask to see Isla's nursery, which I get!  I love a good room reveal as much as the next gal.  It has been so surreal buying girly things and making a girly room for my BABY GIRL!  It's a work in progress, but this is what I have going so far :)

{Photos a mixture of mine and Reality and Retrospect's}

The wall above the bed was painted with black chalkboard paint so I drew some floral designs to try it out, but, I will probably be switching that up soon.

Ballerina handmade by my friend, Nicci.  She's amazing!
My friend, Kristi, made this floral "I" for my baby shower. Love, love, love :)

This room doubles as a guest room so it makes it a little tight with a bed and crib, but she's not exactly playing in there yet. 


 Quilt also made by Nicci.

Cross-stitch made by Jessica W.

Sep 25, 2016

Isla Claire | Newborn + family shoot

I'm not sure when it will completely sink in that I have a daughter.  Guys, I have a DAUGHTER!  This baby girl continues to capture our hearts and expand our capacity to love. 

My friend, Brittany, from Reality and Retrospect came over to do a newborn + family shoot and I am so in love.  She is the BEST!  I especially love the shots with Isla and the boys.  I mean, four big brothers loving on her.  I die!