Jan 26, 2015

I have a teenager.

And just like that – I have a teenager.  It's actually still blowing my mind, and making me feel incredibly old (even though I did have him rather young).  The poor guy didn't have a very eventful birthday (broken Mom, remember?)  We did manage to get him some cool stuff and have breakfast and dinner plans at his request.  

-13 Things about Daysen at 13-

1.  He loves basketball.
2.  Ripsticking and biking are a daily occurrence.
3.  He babysits and helps out like some kind of ninja superhero (may this never end).
4.  Currently playing – Hotel California and All You Need Is Love. 
5.  Learning guitar and piano.
6.  Geeks out to Marvel Champions App with his Dad and bros.
7.  Advanced math superstar.
8.  Loves watching Movie trailers with Dad and bros. 
9.  Makes a mean mac & cheese.
10.  Reads daily. Currently reading "Spirit Animals."
11.  I let him get his first social media account with a private and monitored Instagram. Scary!
12.  Dad has started shaving his creepy mustache.
13.  Still holds the title of,  "Best brother ever!"

Daysen rocks!

Jan 20, 2015

According to iPhone | 1.20.2015

Lately in life . . .

Sean always talks about how it's so great that Daysen and Brenner have each other & Zane and Indy have each other.  He likes to say they "run together."  Definitely true of these two.  They are inseparable best friends.  They almost never fight but they're always getting into trouble. 

 Really, Sean is one of them too.  May he never grow up. 
  Exhibit A – Older kids and younger kids.  Hang in there parents.  Church won't be exhausting forever. 


Jan 19, 2015


You know, of all the things that suck about being on crutches – the worst is that it's basically impossible to take a good picture (or carry your drink - I hate that too).  Erin and I tried to get a few pictures of Mr. Atli and I basically had to sit in a chair and snap a few shots from there.  Being broken is for the birds.  I'm so over it!  Luckily, this snuggly little bundle of blond is free therapy.  All problems melt away with a babe resting on your chest.  Those milk drunk lips and fluffy cheeks.  *sigh*.  It takes way too much restraint to not squeeze, smother and kiss him to death.  He is one beautiful newborn. 

Oh yeah, and I probably need to send these to Erin's fancy fotog sister to edit.  I have no idea how to edit newborns (let's face it, or anything else) but I'm too impatient, so unedited it is!  Oh, and not a whole lot of varying angle, cuz you know, the chair. Grrrrrrr.

Jan 13, 2015

Baby Atli

If you read my blog, or know me well, then you probably feel like you know my friend Erin, too.  That girl is one of the greatest blessings to ever come into my life.  When I grow up I definitely want to be like her in every single way!  She has let me go hogwild this year posting pictures of her whole pregnancy.  From her announcement to maternity pictures to her baby shower.  Now, she's letting me give you peek into her home birth and Atli's arrival into this world.  I love, love, LOVE births and I've been lucky to attend many of the births of close friends and family over the years.  I've said this before, but I truly believe that when a baby is born, the veil between heaven and earth is the very thinnest.  Hence all feelings of joy, tears, and uncontrollable sobbing. 

Erin had her two girls while living in Denmark, so this was her first go around back home in the states.  I have never, ever, seen anyone handle birth so beautifully.  It was incredible to watch.  She really knows her body and was unbelievably calm (and quiet).  I feel like a total pansy now, because I'm pretty sure I put up more of a fuss – and I was medicated!  I took notes for Erin on my phone while she labored.

  • 11:00PM. I arrive.
  • 11:15 Erin gets in the birthing tub. 
  • 11:30. Every one's here! 3 midwives. Erin & Kristian's Mamas. 1 Grandma. Daniel and Alyssa. & me. 
  • 12:50 Threw up from pain.
  • 1:04 Erin cracks a joke about how we should get popcorn.
  • 1:06 Water broke.
  • 1:18 Wants to push.
  • 1:23 Kristian grabs Anja from her bed to watch.
  • 1:31 Midwife checks cervix, says "we still have some time."
  • 2:15. Midwife says she can move cervix out of the way so Erin can push better.
  • 2:23 Midwife says she's at a 9 after checking her. A small sliver of the cervix is left. Pushing is becoming more intense.
  • 2:41 Gets out to use bathroom.
  • 2:56 Moves to bed for the final pushes.
  • 3:23 Atli is born on her bed.
  • 3:24 Women crying with joy! 

Atli was born sunny side up (like my Indy) and was 9 pounds 5 ounces!  That is one big Viking baby.  Everyone is already in love and fighting over snuggles.  I'm so glad I was privileged to be a part of it all.  I want to go to all the births I can . . . JUST FOR FUN!  So invite me to your birth. Mmmkay?

*I had grand plans for getting amazing birth shots but it was dark and there was no room for me to get around and up close. Plus, I can't walk - so, there's that. HA! Still, you can get a feel for it all. She's amazing.  Birth is beautiful.  The end.