Oct 21, 2014


Do I ever stop talking about how wonderful my friends are?  I don't think I do (sorry, not sorry).  I know with all the fibers of my being that God blessed me with great friends because he knows I need them.  The truth is, "There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate."  – and my friends... they bring chocolate. 

My sneaky besties surprised me with an early birthday party spa night last weekend and man was it fabby!  My friends know me well.  Very well.  They knew they'd need a solid sneaky plan – which they had. They know I love chocolate cake, dirty Dr Pepper and party decor in mint and gold – which they had.  They also know my favorite things to do in life are to eat, hang out and get pampered – which we did. 

Erin made her famous chocolate cake with blue ombré frosting. 
Stephanie brought the drinky drinks and set up a DP bar. 
Kristi hosted, decorated and made me this giant birthday card. 
We stayed out all night like a bunch of wild Mormon moms – drinking soda with no bras on while waiting our turn for massage.  How we roll, guys. How. We. Roll.  

I can't leave out that my friend Christie was in on the fun.  She is a massage therapist (the best I might add) and brought her mobile spa up to Kristi's house for the partaaay.  If you live in San Diego and want to hire her to come do a spa party, girl's night, couples massage or just have her all to yourself  – let me know!  You will not be disappointed! She's the bomb, yo. 

I wish all the world could have friends like mine.  You just can't have mine... cuz they're mine :)  Thank you so much Lovies!!  

Oct 19, 2014

The Beck Villa

We spent Saturday up in Temecula visiting our sweet friends Jason and Christina Beck and their four beautiful kiddos.  The Becks lived here in San Diego over three years ago, before taking their twilight Navy tour to Rota, Spain.  They are back and here for good now and you guys, these guys are the coolest.  I am so in love with this wonderful family and I'm thrilled we will finally get to see them now that they are close by.  They sure found a stunner of a dream home.  I guess they loved Spain so much that they decided they belong in a Spanish Villa — complete with a Vineyard.  A VINEYARD!  So very dreamy.
 Christina made us a spread of Spanish tapas including chorizo chips, manchego cheese and the yummiest prosciutto bread.  My kinda gal I tell ya.  It was all delish!  She also made us virgin Sangria.  I didn't even know there was such a thing — annnnnd, now I'm obsessed. 

 She let me wander around taking pictures of the Villa.  I didn't get enough pictures to do it justice, but you can tell it's the place dreams are made of.  So beautiful and serene. 

  We had the best food all DAY! Flatbread pizzas, Christina's homemade Albondigas soup, and lots of other good stuff.  She even got me a cake for my birthday — I'm ready for you to adopt me now Mama!

 Kids. Were. In. Heaven. We all were. Now we just need to count down the days until we can visit again!

Thank you for the amazing day guys!  Love my girls!

Oct 5, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch

We met up with friends at the Bates Nut Farm Pumpkin Patch this weekend.  We decided to all get there early because it was supposed to super hot, which it was.  October man!  It always seems to be the hottest month in San Diego.  

We let the kiddies run around while taking pictures and then let each minion pick a pumpkin and some candy from the country store.  We made it a quick outing before the crowds and heat got too crazy to handle.  It really is the best pumpkin patch in San Diego.  Just feels like Fall y'all! 

While out amongst the large pumpkins, the guys decided to start picking them up like strong men ...because you know - they're guys.  This next little sequence is of them doing overhead presses -which I'm sure was mighty impressive until Sean's slipped and broke.  Of course, that was the perfect pumpkin that Erin had planned to take home. 
 The perfect Pumpkin before Sean killed it.