Mar 24, 2012

a "bobbi" shower

I had so much fun throwing a baby shower for my awesome friend Bobbi (lovingly called Ricki Bobbi in my house). I kind of had to threaten her with violence to allow me to do it, but it was worth it in the end. Bobbi felt the love and that's what I wanted.

Bobbi is having her 4th and last baby (3rd boy). We had a great time being crazy-pregnant-ladies together. Complaining of all the aches & pains. She hates me a little bit for being done with my pregnancy. Hold on Bobbi, almost there!

P.S. We confirmed recently that I am related to Bobbi's husband. Yup. We're family. 

Bobbi insisted I spend little-to-no money on the shower, so I resorted to making decor out of ribbon, scrapbook paper and tissue paper. It was fun getting crafty. I am now best-of-friends with my hot glue gun.

The basket in the photo below held Thank You cards and envelopes for the guests to pre-address. As the guests arrived I had them address them and then write down on a clipboard what they had gotten her. It'll make her life MUCH easier. Bobbi picked three envelopes at the end of the party and handed out those three pretty packages with an enclosed delicious red velvet cake candle.

Luckily, Bobbi and I have a great group of mutual friends and several girls offered to bring food (which was a HUGE help). The spread was awesome! I ate WAY to much of all the sugary goodness.

I made these chocolate covered strawberries while holding Indy in my left arm. Can I get an award or something?!?

I made these too. S'mores bars are always a hit.

Guests got to take a onesie cookie on the way out

Look at all that love! Makes me tear up looking at all those faces I love so much!
It's true. I have amazing friends. I am really going to miss all these get-togethers and parties. Thank you to all who came and helped show Bobbi the love!

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  1. Made me tear up too, Lela, to see the love, the unbelievable talent and effort put into this shower event, and to see the support of all these beautiful friends.  Wish I could have been there.  Those goodies look real enough to eat, and I think I see those yummy oreo cookie sandwiches your friend makes.  You DO deserve an award!!!! But I'm beginning to wonder if you are real, or just an illusion.  It's hard to believe that anyone could accomplish all this, with 4 active boys, one of them a babe in arms.  WOW!

    Love, Grandma