Jan 29, 2013

Carrie's Shower {Put a bird on it}

First of all - Have you guys seen this? Hilarious right? I'm guilty...I put birds on things. 

My beautiful~talented~kind~sweet~cute bunned friend Carrie is having baby number 3 in just a few weeks. I missed most of her pregnancy while I was in VB but I REALLY wanted to throw her a baby shower when I got back. She's been such an amazing friend to me and I wanted to return the love by celebrating her and her baby girl Haddie!

I've always loved the "Feather Her Nest" theme so I thought that would be fun for Carrie since she also enjoys putting birds on things. I solicited some help making the invite from my talented friend Liz. How cute is this?!?!
Let's just say... I thoroughly enjoyed putting birds on things. 


I gave Carrie the giant H, Haddie banner and bird mobile I made to put in Haddie's nursery :)

Can you even handle the coolness of these birch-wood straws? Yeah, me neither. 

I had help with all the food from several of Carrie's friends. {which was freaking awesome...because they're freaking awesome} I made Spicy Dr Pepper pulled pork sandwiches with a mango slaw and others brought salads, sides and desserts. Our friend Shana made a coconut carrot cake (Carrie's fave). Yumfest!!!

I also made sugar free sparkling raspberry mint lemonade and some red velvet cupcakes. 

I'm not the hugest fan of baby shower games so we just did a cute "Wishes for Baby" list. I'm sure they were all thanking me inside. We'd rather sit around and gab about what's on clearance at Target anyway. 

The guests got to take home a potted plant as a party gift. I'm pretty sure plenty of girls forgot to grab one because there are tons of potted pansies on my front porch. Oops. Would you say I have a plethora of potted pansies? 

Sean took the big boys bowling but Indy was napping when he left so he got to crash the shower. He wasn't too sure about all the shenanigans when he woke up. Once we started handing him food he was just fine. 

Indy's motto. Pants Optional.

Carrie got lots of SUPER cute stuff. Man I wish I had a girl! Why does girl stuff gotta be so freakin' cute?!?

Check out these booties with Angel wings on the back. Cuteness overload. 

All the pregnant ladies 

Matching bumps

Such great peeps. We have the greatest group of gal pals around :)

Our friend Meg took this picture and several others I posted. All the great pics...yeah they're hers :)

Now hurry up and get here HADDIE! I wanna SQUEEZE you!!!

Side note~ Since several of my quilt friends were at the shower we had to get a picture. I still wanna cry every time I look at my quilt. Best. Gift. Ever. 


  1. Seriously. You really are classy. Love you, love the party, and I love all these cute girls. Yay for girl parties!!

  2. You're professional at everything Lela!! Love your blog, love your parties, love yoU! Holy moly. -T