Feb 17, 2013

Indy's First Birthday Fiesta

We had Indy's first birthday party this weekend. The theme was a Mexican fiesta, which seemed appropriate now that we're back in San Diego. This was our first party outside on the back patio and the weather was classic San Diego perfection. We had some close friends over for a taco bar, pinata and churro cupcakes. 

  I made all the decor out of construction paper and tissue paper. I thought it turned out cute for being super inexpensive. 

 We served chips and several salsas, carne asada and pollo asado tacos, fresh fruit, cilantro quinoa and Mexican sodas. 

 Indy has a little girlfriend named Lyla. We have an agreement with her parents that they will be in an arranged marriage. That's right, we're bringing back betrothal!! They were so cute together all day. We took a ton of pictures of the love birds. They'll thank me later when they have great shots for their wedding video. 

The babies were so cute shaking these mini maracas. The kids decorated bags with mustache crayons to gather up their pinata treats.
 I made Indy a churro flavored cake. We all huddled around and sang to him, which he loved, then let him blow out his candle and dig in to his cake. 

Sean wasn't satisfied with Indy's level of interest in his cake...so he might have smashed cake in his face a little bit. I guilt tripped him later. Poor birthday boy was not happy about it. 
 I made churro cupcakes for the guests. Everyone said they were delish!

Pinata time!
 Brenner cracks me up. He was so confident that he was going to be the one to bust it open. So confident in fact that he propped his bag up under the pinata to catch his winnings. 
 Daysen was the last to have a whack at it and was the one to bust it open. 

 Then the birthday boy needed a nap so we hurried inside to open presents so he could go lay down. 

 Indy LOVED all his gifts! It's always funny when we let them open something then take it away for them to open something else. Not cool, parents! Thank you to all our guests for the awesome gifts!!! We REALLY REALLY appreciate it! 

 We did one last photo shoot of  Indy & Lyla.  Isn't she the cutest thing! These two melt my heart!

Indy sported his new bow tie that he got from Lyla at church the next day. 
Happy Birthday to our sweet Indy babe!!! We love you so much buddy!
Thank you to all who came and helped us celebrate!! We love you guys!!

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  1. Your backyard was a perfect backdrop for a fiesta with your fountain and all your great landscaping. It was a perfect 1st party! With just the perfect sweetest lil 1 year old boy. Happy birthday Indy!!