Mar 6, 2013

Make it pink

My preggo friend Meg hosted the SWEETEST gender reveal party last weekend for family & friends. She decided right before the big ultrasound that it would be fun for her and her husband to be surprised too, right along with everyone else! I was happily recruited to help with the surprise by making cupcakes filled with either pink or blue frosting to be bitten into simultaneously by them and all the guests. I was SO in! They already have the cutest little two year old boy named Boston, so a bro or a sis would be ecstatically welcomed. 
Meg bravely had the ultrasound a WEEK before the party. The ultrasound tech found the gender while they were turned away and then he printed the top secret results and put them in a sealed envelope. They jumped in the car and delivered it to me immediately after, to prevent  themselves from sneaking a peak. There's NO WAY I could have had that kind of self control! I excitedly opened it after they left and was THRILLED to see they would be having a girl!! Maybe a little jealous too...
I made German chocolate fudge cupcakes with a vanilla bean butter cream. Yumfest!
The party was SO cute! Meg served foods and snacks that she has been craving during this pregnancy, which were all super yummy so baby girl has some good taste in foods!
All the guests {minus me} dropped one drop of pink or blue food coloring {which was their guess for the gender} into their glass before it was filled. I had a hard time making eye contact with people holding pink drinks. I was SO nervous I would smile and give it away. I must say I was incredibly proud of myself for staying emotionless about the subject during conversation the week leading up to it. I really didn't want to give it away! I even wore gray and black to the party to stay completely neutral. It was SOOOO much fun watching them open the cupcake! There were cheers, squeals, jumping, clapping, yelling and  woohooing. Meg looked genuinely shocked, I actually thought she might pass out. 
After the reveal I gave her back the ultrasound and a gift of baby girls first outfit. HA! I win! It was a perk to being the one and only person to know before the rest of the world. All that power felt great :)
Congrats to my beautiful friend and her sweet little family! I am so so so happy for you guys and so grateful I got to be part of it all!!!

PS. I had nothing to do with the party awesomeness other than the cupcakes. Meg is one of those disgustingly talented chicks who does it ALL. In fact I've had quite a few friends ask about my cool iPhone case and blog design. Both courtesy of her awesome self. Check it out!