Aug 28, 2013

Let's Take a Dip {Kayaking + Picnic}

I just got the rad job of Enrichment Leader, where among other things, I get to help plan our monthly women's activity. I've been scouring the Internet for good ideas for our events, so I thought I'd share my events too! You can never have enough good ideas for getting a bunch of women together. Our committee wanted something outdoorsy for our first activity. It was SO much fun!  

Here's what we did. Our theme was "Let's Take a Dip~Kayaking + Picnic" We're lucky to have lots of military families in our ward (my fam included) so we kayaked at the MCRD Boathouse (on a Marine military base) on the bay in San Diego. We carpooled non-military sisters onto base (which was my only real concern, but it worked out fine) and were able to rent kayaks for less than half he price of anywhere else in town. We rented 7 and took turns going out all evening. On shore we were able to mingle, play games and snack on dips and dippers that everyone brought to share. I made artichoke dip with sliced baguette from Con Pane. The Boathouse had grass and a covered gazebo with tables which was perfect! 

I'm a big fan of outdoorsy events and "structured" potlucks. Random potlucks give me anxiety--something about a plate with lets say spaghetti and fried rice together that makes me crazy. CRAZY! OCD much? 
Any-who, if you have any great ideas for women's activities, I'd pretty please love to hear! 

This set of photos courtesy of my friend Becca Smith. She's on the committee and oh so very talented!

This next set of photos is courtesy of my iPhone. I love my phone. We're good friends. 

This last set is courtesy of my friend Rachael Hayden. 

Thanks for all who came and all who shared pictures! I love my ward and all the beautiful women in it!

The End. 

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