Oct 18, 2013

Getting To Know You

October's Enrichment Activity was super chill--and rightfully so since it's a busy month for most. We decided to have an evening of getting to know you games and casual socializing over fall desserts. Our ward has a huge turnover of students and military so there's a constant need to get to know the new peeps. For fun I wrote this poem as the invitation. I kind of felt like I was channeling Dr. Seuss. 

Getting To Know You

Some of our greatest friends on earth--are Sisters by God but not by birth.

How blessed we are to have these bonds--We serve, we love, we correspond.
In LV1 we're in and out--With students and soldiers all about.
Let's take a night and get to know--Relationships and love will grow.
Write 5 fun facts all about you--Don't worry we'll all share ours too.
Then after that, a game of fun--Sister speed dating for everyone!
I'm sure new things, you'll learn a few--With hearts enriched and friendships new.
Please come enjoy a night away--With cobbler and pie we'll serve your way.
The only thing to bring is you--and those 5 facts, please bring those too.
We'll see you then--We cannot wait
We start at 6:30 so don't be late!

Becca set up an M&M mingle to kick of the night. 

 Our committee kept it simple and set up a Fall display table and served cobblers and pies. We all scrounged up our Autumnal stuff from around our houses and I reused some party stuff I had laying around. I think it turned out cute. 

 I made a caramel apple crisp and a peach raspberry cobbler. All the desserts were delish! My kids were so angry when I left the house with them and didn't let them have any. Luckily, there were leftovers to bring home. 

We asked everyone to bring five fun facts about themselves and then we sat in a big circle and read them while we ate dessert. I thought it would be fun to have everyone read the person's sitting next to them, since talking about yourself can be awkward. It was actually super interesting! Here were mine...

1.     My name is pronounced "Lee-lah". Almost no one ever gets it right the first time.
2.     I'm obsessed with flossing. I keep flossers with me at all times and floss at least 6 times a day.
3.     I was born in a car, in Orange County traffic, on a cold October evening.
4.     If I was on a deserted island for the rest of my life all I would need is Dr pepper and chips & salsa. 
5.     I have been diagnosed with mild OCD. "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" is my life mantra.

After that we each did a timed speed questionnaire for two minutes each. We handed out a prompt for everyone to answer questions from--which was super fun and interesting too! I loved learning about everyone's talents, hobbies, backgrounds and life stories. It kind of felt like a giant structured girls night. What's better than that? Good times I tell ya.

The End. 

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