Feb 17, 2014

A Frozen Birthday

I helped my friend Erin throw a Frozen Birthday Party for her two daughters this weekend. It's pretty fitting that she would pick a Frozen theme. I mean, two Danish sisters who just happen to resemble the characters in the movie. Perfect. Since we wanted to do it relatively inexpensive, we thought we'd craft up some easy decor and activities. Between the stuff the two of us already had, we only had to spend $4.00 for party stuff. Major high five. Of course she had to buy food, but everything else was homemade.

 I painted Olaf on some butcher paper to play "Pin the carrot on Olaf." Erin had the cutest idea to make him his own marshmallow snow flurry. 

 We made Frozen bracelets for all the girls. 

We also cut out crowns for all the princesses as they arrived. Kristian wore one, too. Which was awesome. 

 Erin made all the food and it was all so stinking cute!! Delicious too of course. 

The Menu
White chocolate Snowflake Cupcakes | Snowman Party Mix | Iced Mallows | Jello Ice Cubes | Snowman Cheese Sticks | Sven's Carrots | Snow Cap Punch. 


 The best part? When we brought the girls into the playroom to see their party. Kristian's Mom, Pauline, made them these dresses for the party and drove down from Utah to be here for the weekend. Aren't they absolutely beautiful?!? Those girls sure felt the love!

Even though Erin thanked me profusely for my help, I selfishly loved every minute of it. Princess party...Yes, please! Plus, I love her and those girls so stinkin' much. 


The End. 


  1. Cutest party of my liiiife. I can't stop looking at this post.

  2. Wow. You outdid yourself this time Lela. What an amazing fun time for those girls!

  3. NO. WAY. This is perfect!!! And they're faces!!! Serious win!

  4. I can NOT show this post to Ella or she will cry! So so sad we missed this!! It looks beyond perfect!! You two are a party planning force to be reckond with!! It looks incredible!! Perfect party for perfect Lil Danish sisters!!

  5. This is just a fabulous frozen birthday bash. The arrangements you did are heart throbbing. I wonder from where you get these ideas! Please share the source as I have to host a party for my daughter at her favorite party venue NYC and out of ideas.