Mar 9, 2014

Erin's Dirty Thirty

I don't think I've ever thrown a full-blown surprise party before. I have come to the conclusion that the very hardest part is all the lying. Lies, lies, lies! I had to lie about where I was going, why I had to break plans and make plans. I had to make my kids lie and practically threaten them to not give the surprise away. I had to make up lies on the spot and make sure my lies were in sync with everyone elses lies. After all was said and done (all the lies that is), it was so freaking worth it. We pulled it off and my sweet friend Erin got quite the shock for her big 30th Birthday Party. 

Due to random circumstances I won't go into, we had to have her party a week before her actual birthday and only had time to plan the party a few days ahead of time. Even though it was go.go.go for three days, it was kind of nice having no option of procrastination. Stephanie and I hosted the party at my casa and invited close friends over for cake and yumminess. 
 Since Erin and I are both fans of Dirty Dr Pepper and it was her Dirty Thirty, Stephanie and I decided to have a Dirty Thirty Dr Pepper bar. Oh yes, that happened. 

 And because San Diego FINALLY has a Sonic, we had Sonic ice. Score. 
 Stephanie and I hodge-podged decorations from old birthdays and baby showers and it turned out pretty cute. We themed everything black and white stripes with pops of yellow and gold. It felt very Erin-ish. 
 The Menu | I made a gourmet cheese + fruit board | crostini with caramelized onions + pear + gorgonzola + arugula | pesto + meatballs + bowtie pasta skewers | and a decadent chocolate cake. Stephanie made bacon-wrapped EVERYTHING and it was all amazing. There were bacon-wrapped goat cheese stuffed dates, water chestnuts, pineapple, green olives and little smokies. I think my favorite were the dates. But let's be honest, any and all bacon wrapped food is epic. 

 Most importantly, Erin was celebrated, loved and genuinely surprised. I'm glad I don't have to lie to her anymore. 

I'm thankful so many people came out to celebrate and I'm thankful it all went down without a hitch. Mostly though, I'm thankful God gave me such a wonderful friend. I wuv her very, very much. 

Such as...

The end. 

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  1. Happy Birthday Erin! It was such a fun night! You and Steph are the ULTIMATE party planners! xoxo