Mar 29, 2015

A little birdie told me {Rebekah's baby shower}

A few weeks ago I helped Rebekah throw a shower for her best friend, Brittany.  This weekend I was lucky enough to help Brittany host a shower for Rebekah.  These two are the sweetest of best friends (since 6 years old) and watching them join the mom club together has been nothing short of amazing. 

Again, a group of us got together to plan this shower.  Jordan and I did most of the decor and food.  Jaime is an amazing florist, and just like at Brittany's shower, did the flowers for Bekah's shower.  She also did the beautiful balloons, fabric strip garland, and several other things.  Brittany made food, crafted the decor with me and then made the cute headband making station and "a little birdie told me" notes for mom-to-be.  She planned a surprise game called "Daddy knows best", and then ended with a message from Rebekah's husband {which had us all in tears}.  Melissa, Stephanie, Becca, and Erin helped with food and party favors.  Teamwork is the best!  I love all those girls and am always stoked to see the amazing things they create.  Inspiring I tell ya! 

I have to say that even though all baby showers are special – it has been incredibly emotional and such a blessing to be a part of these girl's baby showers.  They have both struggled with infertility and have waited a long time to become mothers.  In the words of my sweet Daysen, – " I don't know anyone more deserving..."

I love them and their baby girls to the moon!!  

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