Mar 28, 2012

Blessing Day

This Sunday was blessing day for our sweet little Indy. We were so thrilled to have SO many friends and family in attendance. To top it off we spent the rest of the afternoon in our home with friends, family and food; my three favorite things!

Sacrament meeting starts at 1:00 around here, but you bet your buns I still had everything ready to go on Saturday night. For me, Sundays are a struggle. I swear I wake up Sunday morning and my head is on backwards. Getting myself and four boys fed, showered and out the door often seems comparable to running a half marathon. I knew I had to be ahead of the game or I might just come unglued on my poor unsuspecting husband, who often has to deal with an unpleasant wife on Sunday mornings. So the food was made, the clothes were clean, the house was picked up and we all managed to get up and ready on time.

Sometimes getting all my family all in one place is like getting the stars aligned and events like this are difficult to arrange. Just a few hours before 1:00, I talked to my Uncle Fen, who was hoping to drive himself and Grandma Mavis down from Orange County. Apparently, they had a case of the "wild Sunday mornings" as well. They were still rushing to make last minute arrangements and help my Grandma, who had a badly smashed finger, get ready and out the door to drive down to San Diego on time.

As we arrived at church our friends and family started showing up. Friends, Brent and Alexia, drove down from Murrieta; our friends, the Hoener's and Jones' arrived; and my cousin Aaron and his family drove down from Orange County. We were just waiting on my friend Raunette and her two boys and My Grandma and Uncle Fen to make it on time. We all got settled in our seats when my close friend Bobbi let me know she had to play piano somewhere else in the building but would try her best to make it back to Sacrament in time for the blessing.

At 1:00 my Grandma sent a text saying they were just 16 minutes away! So, I sent Sean up to ask Bishop if we could bless Indy after Sacrament is passed instead of before, how it's usually done.

Worked. Out. Perfect.

Right after Sacrament was passed everyone showed up (Grandma, Bobbi, Raunette), and my Uncle Fen was able to come in and help with the blessing. I would have felt TERRIBLE if they had drove that whole way and missed it. The blessing was beautiful and I couldn't help but sit there feeling so overwhelmed by the love around me. I've been emotional lately anyways, but when I think how blessed I am to have such amazing friends and family, the tears start flowing. I will always cherish this time. Sean always says, "You know babe, these are the good ole days." You know what? He's right. They are.

Thank you to all these wonderful peeps for being part of this special day! I am SO glad you all made it! We LOVE you!


  1. So cute. So sorry we missed it. You are a lucky Momma.

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