Apr 12, 2012


My kids LOVE their cousins! Last Tuesday we picked up Aunt Maisie and cousins Kannon and Mylee fresh off the plane from Maui. Finally! After almost 4 years apart, we got to have them come stay with us for a whole week during spring break. It was awesome.

I got to play hairdresser to my  BEAUTIFUL niece Mylee.

The next day she requested "Princess Hair" again. So she got it. 

Lots of Mainland shopping for Maisie. With those looooong legs it's kind of hard to find pants.

We met up at Balboa park with friends and ate lunch in the grass. 

Pool day with friends

All dressed up for Easter Sunday

Sean watched ALL the kids (isn't he the greatest!) while we had yet another girls night at Extraordinary Desserts

We had so much fun! Cousins truly are your first best friends. We were super sad to see them go, but we get them back for one more day at the end of April before they head home to Maui. I kept telling Mylee that she was supposed to be MY daughter. Maisie agreed that we could share her. I'm grateful :) She is just the sweetest~smartest~funniest~Hello Kitty loving little sweetheart!!! Of course Kannon is instant best friends with the boys. I sure love him too!

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