Feb 16, 2013

Be Mine

Usually Valentines Day means staying up super late the night before packing treats into bags and making mail boxes out of shoe boxes. This year was no exception, we did exactly that. However this year we did some things we don't usually do. I had lunch and a shopping date with my girls. We went to a little hole in the wall taco shop for AMAZING fish and shrimp tacos. Then after picking up the kiddos {and their giant boxes of treats and cards} from school I got ready to do something we've NEVER done on Valentines Day...go on a date out to DINNER! Gasp! Usually getting a sitter and waiting forever at a restaurant seems like way too much work so we combine our Valentines date with our Anniversary date the next week. However, my friend Liz offered to watch my kids so we could go out. Sweet deal! 

We decided to go to Cheesecake Factory since we're saving our fancy dinner for our anniversary. We waited about 40 minutes to get a table which isn't bad for Cheesecake Factory on a normal night. We snuggled and held hands while waiting for a table. It was so nice to be able to rest my head on his shoulder and not worry about chasing kids.  

We were seated on the patio in a great spot under the heaters. We ordered strawberry lemonade and stuffed mushrooms then sat there and chatted for what seemed like forever. Well, turns out it WAS forever. After waiting over an hour for our entrees to come out our server came to our table with two bowls of soup and an apology for the long wait and assured us our food would be out soon. We had only just barely noticed that it was taking a while. I guess when you don't have to deal with kids you actually don't mind sitting and talking. Crazy huh?!? After a few minutes of picking at our soup the manager came over and apologized too and told us our entire meal would be FREE!! What what!?! Man, I love when stuff like that happens. We got our food soon after and then got a slice of an Oreo cheesecake to go. All we paid was the tip and even though we were there almost 3 hours it was lots of fun and totally worth it!

Liz made cookies with the minions while we were out. She even let them decorate their own and sent us home with a plate. She's the best! On top of that she gave Indy a eucalyptus bath and a massage with essential oils since he's had a cold. There's nothing like coming home to a happy clean baby all snuggled up in PJ's. Seriously, she's the best!!!

My Valentine is the bees-knees. Love you Baby!

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