Feb 8, 2013

Indy Jackson Boyd turns ONE!

Our sweet little Indy turned one today. Ohhhh how that sweet little bean has blessed our lives! He has been such an easy baby and an absolute joy to have around. It has been a difficult year for me {you know...moving cross country twice and all} but EVERY time I would scoop up that babe in my arms all the stress would just melt away. 

A few things about Indy ~
He has a ton of nicknames. Indy-Babe, Honey Bear, Baby Cakes, Bear, Inders, Cakes, and I.J.B.
He was walking by 10 months.
Daddy's his favorite.
His favorite food is Ella's organic mangoes and boob-snack.
He weighs 22 pounds.
He adores his big brothers. 
He's a snuggle lover and a growler. 
His favorite show is Backyardigans
He prefers pots, pans, cups and remotes to toys any day. 
He's betrothed. {Indy and Lyla forever!}
He's the BEST and I just love him!

I snapped a few pics of him this morning. He wasn't a fan of the photo shoot {he's busy ya know} but I managed to get a few cute ones.




Since we are planning a little birthday party for him later this month, we decided to have a quiet Friday night with the family. We ordered pizza and had birthday cake Oreos. I'm pretty sure he thought it was the best day ever. We smothered him, sang to him, fed him yummy treats, opened cards that sing songs from Grandma and told him we love him a billion times. 


Mom Fail. 

Don't worry...he's fine. Tuck and r0ll! 

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