May 9, 2013

Truth Be Told

Truth be told, my life is immensely blessed, but sometimes it's really hard, and it forces me to say bad words. I like to journal about the good things in life. The things that I want to remember and share. However, today kinda kicked my butt. That happens sometimes too. So I thought I'd let it all out, just for a minute, and reflect on some things I want to remember that will make me grateful for all those times when things are awesome. 

So yeah, after a long day today {one that included a ticket because I still hadn't put on my new registration sticker} and during dinner prep, kids rough-housing, homework and hubby texting he's going to be late and then be gone all evening...I dropped and shattered a jar of salsa and I might have said a bad word. 
Then Indy ate some red pepper flakes and immediately regretted that decision. 
It's funny that almost at the exact moment this was going down at my house, I got a text from my friend Carrie with a picture of her baby's diaper blowout all over her, the baby, the boppy and everything else in close proximity. Have you ever tried to get newborn poop out? It's like nearly impossible.

Then I was sitting there thinking about how it's so much easier to remember the bad things. Why is that anyway? Which is why I choose to blog about the good things I guess. Then I decided bedtime couldn't come soon enough and that I would make a date with some chocolate. 

I found a few other gems on my phone to remind me that "Truth be Told" things don't always go my way. Like how taking pictures of kids usually turns out like this. 
Truth be told, if you have all your kids packed in the car during bumper to bumper traffic, Zane will have a random allergic reaction and scream bloody murder the entire 30 minute drive home. 
Truth be told, this will happen as you're heading out the door for church. 
Truth be told, laundry is evil and never-ending. 
Truth be told, boys can't keep clothes clean for five minutes. 
Truth be told, kids don't want to nap, unless they're in the car and you've just arrived at your destination. 
Truth be told. My life isn't perfect but it's pretty dang awesome so I'll try to concentrate on all the good stuff. I think it might be good for me to come back and read this when my kids are grown. Just to make sure I'm not one of those wretched older women who gives you dirty looks as you wrangle sleepy, hungry kids through the grocery store because you have no other choice. Compassion has always been a weakness of mine and I know it's something I always need to work on. Like how I roll my eyes when a mom has one kid and is struggling. I can just hear my internal dialogue now..."Try having four kids and a deployed husband." Which isn't very nice or compassionate. See what I mean? You just really never know why someone is having a bad day. So be nice. 

Maybe this post was depressing. Sorry.

Now I'm reading this back laughing. Why is it always funny after that fact?

Thank goodness. 

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