Aug 27, 2013

Blue Water Ranch {Part Two}

The last two days on the ranch were extra fun because the Smith's arrived and then shortly after David arrived, so we were all there together. We were so sad Kristi and Erin weren't able to come. We have an incredible group of friends and I lubb-lubb-lubb them. 

~DAY 3~

I couldn't get enough pics of the boys all dressed up. They had so much fun doing it that I'm considering getting a bunch of cowboy dress-up stuff for them at home. 

Daysen found a bow and arrow and was roaming around the ranch shooting everything. Including our zucchini tree. 

Lizzy Lou planned all the meals for our visit and they were all amazing--per usual. This taco pizza was one of my faves. That girl is a culinary genius I tell ya! She made so many healthy and delicious meals!! Almost all were vegetarian and I never felt deprived.

We went shooting again on Thursday with the Smith's. I can't tell you how cute it was to see Stephanie shooting with her adorable pregnant belly. 
And here she tells Sean to check out that hole right through the center of that bottom zucchini. See it? Yeah, she's awesome. 

After Stephanie's awesome shot, Sean shot a bulls-eye right through the same spot. That zucchini was a champ!

We spent the rest of the afternoon dancing and singing...

Eating pretzels...
Chillin' on Daddy's guitar case...
Being handsome...
Shooting arrows...
Finding baby lizards...
And laughing at hilarious pictures.
Then David arrived just in time for dinner. This burger with grilled pineapple and basil mayo was the shizzz!
Then Indy sat and ate corn on the cob until there was no more to be had. 

~DAY 4~
Last Day

We woke up to a mini flock of hummingbirds outside the kitchen window. I've never seen so many all in one spot. They must have a big ole hummingbird family. 

I had to take a picture of the boys in the morn because I knew they'd be filthy by noon. 

Liz is the pancake master. 

After breakfast the Mama's went on a long quad ride through the hill covered ranch. It's amazing how wide open spaces can be so calming and therapeutic. Just what I needed. 

The ranch house was so cute. It really made you feel like you were away in some old and rustic place. Perfect cozy feel for a ranch house.  

 Later in the afternoon, we all drove down to town for ice cream and to pick up some fireworks for our last night at the ranch. 
Then headed up to the campfire hill for a dinner of hot-dogs and s'mores. Does anyone else ever have spell-check tell them "s'mores" is not a word? Not cool man!

Indy found Fritz's dirt pit and wallowed in it like a baby elephant. 

The babies were never so eager to be bathed and put to bed. I love when they're so tuckered out that you just know they're going to crash. 
After the babes were settled, we headed out to the porch swings for a little firework show. Bunch of Harry Potter nerds casting spells--and I love it!!

 It was one of the most memorable vacations I've ever had. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends...I mean family. Thanks to my Gals and my own sweet little family for a fab week!! XOXO

The End. 

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  1. Great photos! What a beautiful way to end the summer! This has me itching to get up to Derek's family ranch in Idaho!