Oct 16, 2013

According to iPhone {10.16.13}

~This Week~

There were many trips to Trader Joe's. I think Indy loves TJ's almost as much as his Mum. 

 Indy  was "rockin" out. 

 I make huge batches of quinoa meatballs for Sean to take to work for snacks. He drinks egg-whites, protein shakes and eats meatballs all day. Hashtag weirdo.  
We had Stephanie's shower and it was the bomb. 
 Carrie's baby Haddie had us all oooing and aaahhing over her cuteness and the fact that her outfit matched the shower. Hashtag chubby baby.
After the baby shower, us girls went up to see Aarean's new house (hashtag jealous) and there was a hot air balloon floating right over us into the sunset. Cool beans, huh?
It was hard for me to narrow down photo faves. I admittedly have a problem with that. I say if you can't decide then post em all! Then I realize that's cray and I go delete some. 
I friggin' love gladiolus. They're tricky to purchase for parties though. They fully bloomed two days after the shower. Maybe I can use them for our Enrichment Activity tomorrow. 
When I pick up Zane from kinder he likes to drag me into his classroom and show me his desk and all his work hanging around the room. I love kindergarten. Everything is so colorful and exciting. Those were the good ole days, huh?
Had lunch in Coronado with these cute boys. 
I let Indy waste way too much water taking a really long shower. 

And lastly, here are some funny gems that I took screen shots of on my iPhone--I have an addiction to funny pictures with random sayings. 

Twas a wonderful week!

The End. 

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  1. Indy's little bum is making me baby HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!