Jan 25, 2014

Daysen Turns Twelve

My sweet Daysen turned 12 this week. T W E L V E! How is that even possible? Indeed, it makes me feel old, but mostly it makes me feel lucky. He's a dream child. Always has been. I have received countless comments on his sweet nature and overall goodness over the years, yet I feel I can't take any credit. He's an honest to goodness righteous soul. He always wants to do right and is so in tune with the feelings of others. Oh, how I love that kiddo. 

 ~Twelve things about Daysen at Twelve~

He can babysit now{what what!!!} and does a fabulous job.
He reads several books a week and is more well-read than Sean and I combined.  
He has read the Harry Potter series 3 times this year.
He loves pasta | Any and all. 
He rides his bike to school with a little posse of four boys guys.  
He has straight A's. 
He's finally starting to try more exotic foods | This makes me happy. 
He will become a Deacon this week and is stoked to go to the Temple. 
He's the overall favorite brother in our house.
He's become very popular with the ladies | Help!
He loves Shark Week and How It's Made.
He's kinda the best. 
We took the fam to Cheesecake Factory for pizza, pasta and a fatty sundae on his birthday. I actually still haven't bought him any presents (and being the good kid that he is, he patiently forgives). I've been thinking about a Kindle, since he's a big reader, but then I second guess myself. What do you think? Anyone have a Kindle and love it lots?

Happy Birthday my sweet Day-day!
Love you to the moon. 


  1. Happy Birthday, Daysen! He is such a good boy and you better take credit, mama! You raise all your boys right. You and Sean should be proud! I have a first generation Kindle and love it! It's great. I don't need the Fire because my Kindle is strictly for reading! I think he would love it!

  2. Happy birthday Daysen! You're such a great guy. So caring and compassionate. Never change. You're perfect the way you are. Love you, Aunt Aeme