Apr 7, 2015

Easter Weekend 2015

Oh man, was this Easter weekend awesome.  We started celebrating on Saturday morning – and kept on until Sunday night.  In between celebrations we listened to General Conference while I baked stuff.  

Oh, did I bake.  

Saturday, between sessions, we went to the Smurthwaite's for a potluck brunch and Easter egg hunt for the kiddies.  Jordan is basically a master at celebrating anything.  Everything was just darling and the backyard egg hunt was legit.  SOOOOO many eggs!  I made the mango + basil pavlova. Mmmm, mmm good. 
 Jordan pointed out that Indy came dressed like a minion. HA!

 Saturday night Sean and I fell into bed around 11:00PM – and just as I started to doze off, I realized we had forgotten to fill the Easter baskets {WHY?!?!}.  So, Sean gathered all the stuff and I filled them while half asleep sitting up in bed. Torture guys. Torture. 

Worth it?

Of course.  

I love seeing my babies excited on the morning of a big holiday.  Pure joy!
 We went over to the Meilsoe's for Easter brunch and for this little ball of love's baby blessing.  I'm not sure if I've ever loved someone else's child like I love little Atli.  The way he smiles at me melts me into a puddle of mom butter.  Plus, just look at those fluffy cheeks and chick fur for hair.  He's perfect.  Just perfect
Erin's amazing Easter spread. That speckled cake guys. Yummo.

 Oh, and one more egg hunt for good measure. 
 My friend, Stephanie, {that I grew up with} just moved here with her family and we had them over for dinner.  Her family is adorable.  Whenever I'm around sweet little girls I start getting this bug that I want to try one more time for a girl.  Oooooh man am I crazy.  Or am I? 

I am.  

The kids helped me set the table and kids table {one more reason my boys will be great husbands}.  I love a reason to use the pretty dishes and make more of a fuss for dinner.  I really do enjoy it so much.  I didn't get pictures of the food {dang}, but trust me it was delish!

 Dessert was Pavlova with a mango crème brûlée filling and strawberry shortcake with basil.  Great way to end a weekend filled with family, friends, fun, food and reflecting on our Savior. Hope you all had a fabby Easter too! 

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