Apr 19, 2015

LelaLove in Seattle

I just got home from a lovely week visiting my friend, Lizzy Lou, in Seattle.  Since she moved up there last fall, we've been dying to see each other – and while she's been busy with a newborn and moving, I've been busy recovering from knee surgeries.  Luckily, Sean took some time off this month and let me sneak away for a little trip to go see her.  Turns out we both have great husbands, because every night I was there, her hubby held down the homestead so we could hit the town for dinner. 

We hung out with the kids during the day.  Taking them to Pike Place Market, Snoqualmie Falls, and Pine Lake to meet up with the kid's cousins at a dreamy lakeside park {big trees, huge fields of green grass, and a clean lake with ducks and a boat dock}.  I also spent plenty of time laying in the sunshine in her living room.  You know, like a cat?  I haven't been to Seattle since we lived there almost 12 years ago, so it was nice to see all the familiar places.  We hit several good restaurants, including Din Tai Fung and DERU Market.  We hit some great food spots in Pike Place Market as well.  We're certified food lovers – so, it's always a good time when we're together. 
I just have this thing with flowers.  Gimme all the flowers!!!

You down?
Classic.  William is calmly observing and Fritz is jumping. 
I wanted everything and I especially wanted to figure out a way to get everything home with me.  From Beecher's cheese, to fresh produce and seafood, to Le Panier baked goods.  That place really is the best.  Oh, how I miss it!

The falls were beautiful and the drive up was equally beautiful.  All over the PNW the trees are green and blooming for Spring.  Meanwhile, my grass is all dead back home.  Dang drought.

Until next time, Lizzy Lou – Love your face!

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