Apr 30, 2015

Zane turns 7

Mr. Zaney turned 7 this Sunday.  We celebrated all weekend long and I think he was adequately spoiled.  We started the weekend off with donuts, so yeah.  They happened to have a free "fun festival" going on at the gym, so we took advantage of that while we were there.  Zane and Brenner even won a kite after they dominated a jumping-jack contest.  They came home with a bunch of free crap, that I gathered from the floor of my car and promptly tossed out when they weren't looking.  After all that fun, we went to Coronado and watched Home in the base theater.  Then headed to Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  Sunday was his actual birthday, but we kept that day a little more chill.  We grilled burgers & dogs after church and then had cake and a few presents.  That lucky duck even got a homemade cake from Miss Erin.  It was the bomb, per usual :)

Sidenote – Have you tried the Firecracker Salmon rolls and Cheesecake Factory? YUMMM-OOOH. 

Seven things about Zane at 7 

1.  He figured out how to play Mario Cart and wants to challenge his bros to play all the time. 
2.  He climbs trees and well just about anything and everything that can be climbed.
3.  He has a deep love for Ketchup.
4.  He's always practicing odd athletic things – like walking on his hands.
5.  He likes girls.  A lot.  He's always noticing pretty girls and points them out.  He also has no problem telling women they're beautiful.  This kid...
6.  He very much enjoys antagonizing his brothers.
7.  He's incredibly intuitive and notices when something is needed or someone needs love. 

Happy lucky number 7 Zaners!  We love you!

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