Aug 14, 2015

A Geometric Baby Shower for Nicky

Last weekend I hosted a little baby shower for my sweet friend, Nicky.  Nicky and I met at the gym – and even though we see each other almost every day, we (like most of my other gym friends) rarely see each other outside of the gym.  I thought it would be fun to invite all our gym pals and have a chance to hang out for an evening...minus the sweat.  It was great!  These girls are a bunch of babes and so hilarious!

Nicky has two beautiful girls and is expecting her first boy any day now.  She is by far the most fit pregnant mama I've ever seen.  She still teaches classes at the gym, kicks our butts, and looks great doing it!

 I made mini Tranquil  whipped body butters as party favors. 

Our friends, Heather and Sarah, made this cute diaper cake.

 Nicky made this amazing fruit tart for the shower. 
 Erin made these Nutella Bruschetta with berries and almonds.  

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