May 17, 2016

Zane turns 8

Oh, Zane...That wonderfully wild child of mine.  We recently celebrated his big ole 8th birthday, so here goes 8 things about Zane at 8. 

1.  His natural athleticism has been blowing our minds.  The kid is crazy!  So fast and agile with the balance of a cat.

2.  He's super excited to be having a baby sister.  He always asks how she's doing and if he can feel her kick.  

3.  He just joined Cub Scouts and is super stoked to do all things his brother's have done.

4.  He loves to sing and is learning piano.

5.  His favorite movie is Sandlot.

6.  His favorite foods are hamburgers and chicken nuggets.  Original, I know.

7.  He's protective of his little brother and bothersome to his older brothers. 

8.  He has amazing energy and optimism, he's fun, silly, loving and wild.  We love you, Zaners!

On Zane's birthday he got to bring doughnut holes to school to share with friends (first year his birthday didn't fall on Spring Break) and then Sean and I took him on a dinner date to Soda & Swine.  He loved every minute of it!  So glad Sean had the idea to give our kids one-on-one time for their birthdays this year. 

A few weeks after his birthday he was able to be baptized.  We are so proud of him for wanting to follow the Savior's footsteps.  It was a beautiful day!

We love Zane!

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