Aug 18, 2016

Back to School | 2016

Well that was the shortest summer ever!  I feel slightly bad (but not bad enough) that my kiddos only had a 3 week summer, but after a week in their new schools I think they've forgotten to be sad about it.  One of the many reasons we moved to Temecula was for the fabulous schools and they haven't disappointed!  The boys love them, have made good friends in the neighborhood, and are loving the nice campuses with air conditioned classrooms and edible lunch menus.  More and more each day I am confident that Sean and I made the right choice to move here.  We truly felt that we were lead (maybe even pushed) by so many circumstances to get here and although it was scary, it's turning out to be pretty amazing.

Daysen started his Freshman year, Brenner his 6th grade year, and Zane his 3rd grade year.  They are all in different schools (kind of hard on my mom brain), but they are all a short walk or ride from our house.  I'm so proud of these boys and their willingness to be brave and try new things.  They are not perfect, but they are kind and always do their best.  Here's to another great year! 

Group hug!

Daddy rode with Brenner and Zane for their first day commutes. 

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  1. I love that your house already looks like a model home and you've only been there a few weeks....while 9 months pregnant! You are amazing!!