Feb 13, 2013

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things.

I hosted a little "Favorite Things" girls night yesterday. The party was in honor of my friend Elizabeth, who's one of my favorite people of all time and who happens to be moving away soon {I still refuse to believe it or talk about it so let's skip that part and save it for later}. We had a group of her favorite gal pals over and invited everyone to pick something that's their favorite to bring for a gift exchange. It turned out SUPER fun! Girls nights are SERIOUSLY the best. 

I made these red velvet sugar cookies because they're my fave. 

I also made some strawberry bruschetta. I figured since it's Valentines Day this week we'd just go with all the pinks and reds to keep it festive. Others brought some nummies to share as well :)

If you've never been to a Favorite Things party, here's how it works. Each person picks an item that they love. I suggested a price range of $5-6 per item {which a few of us went over but that's fine}. Each person then brings 3 of that item to give away. Upon arriving the guests write their name on three pieces of paper and toss in a basket. Then once everyone arrives we go around the room presenting what our favorite thing is and then draw 3 names to receive our item. Cool huh!?! It kind of felt like Christmas. My "favorite thing" that I gave away was a collection of some of my favorite cleaning products. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cleaning supplies! Especially if they smell yummy. Other items brought were beauty products, gift cards, and foods. Everyone brought great stuff so we all went home with awesome goodies. 

My favorite cleaning stuff. Each bag included Method glass+surface, Method dish soap, Bath & Body works foaming hand soap and a magic eraser.

I live for girls nights. They're always the recharge I need to get me through until next time {you remember I live with FIVE boys right}. Staying up with girlfriends until midnight chatting about childbirth and recipes is something that will NEVER get old. I love it and I love them. 


  1. Loved it. Might have to steal some of these to post too... You throw the best freakin parties!!

    1. Please do! Stealing is another one of my faves!