Mar 21, 2013

Praying for babies

Sean and I recently attended a 'Sky Light' celebration atop Mt. Soledad in La Jolla. The celebration was in support of my dear friends, Parker and Stephanie, as they prepared to have an embryo transfer after years of struggling with infertility. It has taken me forever to write this post for two reasons. One because it makes me so emotional that I needed to be prepared for a cryfest. Two because I needed a good chunk of time to narrow down the good things I have to say about Parker and Stephanie. I love and adore them so much and I honestly cannot think of anything I've prayed for more than for them to have babies.

It is about to get REALLY gushy in here. Parker and Stephanie are one of the most beautiful couples I have ever known. A match made in heaven. Their personalities and qualities compliment each other perfectly. First there's Parker. He's got an innocence about him that reminds me of my Daysen. I can't quite describe it other than he reeks of goodness. Someone who can always be trusted and counted on. My kids ADORE Parker. Every time they see him they rush over to him with jokes, riddles and funny stories. I really feel they can sense his goodness and they love that he interacts with them and listens to them. He is a great guy and I know he will make the BEST dad! Then there's Stephanie. I could go on for DAYS about how amazing she is but I will spare you the novel. She is SO fun, SO beautiful, SO talented, SO giving, and SO humble. I recently spent a few days in the hospital with Indy and she without asking offered to go to my house and pack a bag of things I need and then bring them to me along with any food I want. After a long night in the ER Stephanie arrived with my things, a bean and cheese burrito and a large horchata to the Pediatrics ward of the Naval hospital. It meant so much for her to do that, but that's Stephanie, always serving others. Of the many things I admire about Stephanie, one of the most impressive things is how she has endured this trial of infertility. Always attending and planning baby showers, listening to birth story after birth story, and helping and serving the mothers and children around her. I just love her.
Remember how I said Stephanie is talented? This Sky Light party was amazing! We enjoyed mocktails and appetizers that were both beautiful and delicious. Then at the end of the party, Parker and Stephanie lit a lantern that floated into the night sky, filled with all of our prayers and wishes for them to become parents. It was perfect.

Stephanie has recently been documenting this journey in a blog titled The Bloom Diary. I highly recommend you read it and share it. Especially with anyone who might be struggling with infertility. It is some of the best writing I have ever read. It is very raw, honest, witty, interesting, informative, and inspiring. It has really helped me understand the process of IVF, which I knew little about until now. It has also helped me to have compassion for those who can not have children. This last week several flowers started blooming in my yard. I couldn't help but think it was a sign of things to come. 
As I snuggled my Indy that evening, overlooking Gods' beautiful creation, I prayed with all I've got. I gave thanks for the little lives that have been given to me and prayed that Stephanie and Parker would soon enjoy this blessing in their lives as well. They will find out tomorrow if the first round of IVF was successful. I invite you to join me in prayer tonight. Prayer that this is Gods' will for them now. I love you Parker and Stephanie and "little embryo fighting to be". 

I thought I would include a poem that Stephanie wrote for my family when we moved to Virginia Beach. I cried as she read it to us at a goodbye party last year. She's the best!

It seems like just yesterday that a Mohawked little man,
Walked into our Primary class; that’s where it all began.
Soon we met his dear family—as cute as can be;
Sean, Lela, Daysen, Brenner, Zane and (2 years later) Indy.

As with everyone they meet, this family stole our hearts,
Their good looks, spirit, enthusiasm, and love are what set them apart.
Now they’re leaving for Virginia Beach which makes us all sad,
So let’s take a few moments to reflect on the wonderful times we’ve had.

First there is Sean, our military man—recently commissioned,
Who knows what we’ll do without him leading the LV 1st ward mission?
He is thoughtful, loyal, hard-working, great at Physics, and fit,
And he sure left our minds wondering about Hogi Yogi and the “Strawberry Kiss”.

Next there is Lela Love—Sean couldn’t have asked for a better spouse!
And with a houseful of boys, we can excuse her potty mouth.
She’s an awesome Scramble player, organized, loving, and cooks amazing food,
She a lovey-dovey mama to her boys and enjoys giving Indy the boob.

Then there’s the Boyd boys, each with a personality all their own,
And by looking at their parents, you know their good looks are home-grown.
Rumor on the street is that there’s a whole list of mom’s with a plan,
That someday their daughter will marry one of the Boyd clan.

First up is Daysen—sweet, intelligent, and polite as can be,
He’s a protector, a perfect son, and the ideal big brother to three.
Number two is one-of-a-kind Brenner who on road trips he can be oblivious,
He’s random, sweet, funny, got great hair and had a long-time crush on Alivia.  

Zane is number three, a sweet, but wild little Houdini—oh dear!
Whether it’s his clothes, hair, or himself, he’s great at making things disappear.
Squishy, loveable baby Indy is fourth in the Boyd line-up,
He loves to smile, eat, and snuggle. We want one just like him! Where do we sign up?

Our fun times together made our transition to San Diego smooth,
From caroling, to Sunday potlucks, to laughing at videos on YouTube. 
There were guys nights, hanging out, and talking with friends,
24-hour Road trips to Vegas and girls nights staying out ‘til the bitter end.

For the last eight years the Boyd’s have called San Diego their home,
Now it’s off to Virginia Beach, then to a location yet unknown.
Sean said it best; these are the good old days,
Wherever life leads you, we will love you, always!

The Smith’s


  1. Oh my gosh that was beautiful Lela! And I hadn't heard that poem, it was amazing :0)

  2. Weeping. And praying hard for them too. Come-on little embryo, you can make it!!

  3. Oh man I can't stop bawling!! I'm praying so hard for them to be blessed with babies. And for that sweet little embryo to grow. They deserve this and I'm so excited for them! Love this post! Your an amazing friend! So so blessed to have both you and beautiful Stephaine in my life. True inspirations!