Apr 21, 2013

Brenner Boyd's Baptism-Birthday-Barbecue-Bash-Bonanza

Saturday was Brenner's 8th birthday. Eight guys! Where did all that time go? It ended up being quite the big day. A few weeks ago when we had lunch on the patio, I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday and he informed me that he would like to get baptized and then have a party after. So that's precisely what we did...and it was awesome. The program included a musical number by our whole family, with Sean accompanying on the guitar. It was really sweet. Daysen gave a great talk, which he wrote himself, and Zane gave the cutest, simple & heartfelt closing prayer. I loved the whole thing and I think he did too.  

Brenner was SUPER excited about being baptized ON his birthday. He couldn't stop talking about it all week. He was pretty stoked to have our awesome family and friends there too. 

Immediately following the baptism we all headed over to the Boyd Casa for a birthday luncheon. It wasn't a huge party but we had our wonderful family from Orange County down and some close friends over to celebrate his birthday. Brenner requested we make pulled pork sandwiches with all the sides. Also, Brenner wanted S'mores bars and cake for dessert, so you bet your buns we had both. 

It was such a wonderful-fun-eventful day! We appreciate all who helped, traveled far, brought gifts and helped make Brenner's eighth a SUPER special day!


  1. Dang I love Brenner! That face with the cake - he kills me! And you look STUNNING! Love all your guts!

  2. Man those jumping pics are the BEST!! Brenner jumping in his baptism jumpsuit is AWESOME!! You are the best party planner ever! Brenner is lucky to have you as his momma! He is the cutest lil heartbreaker ever! Happy happy 8th birthday B-dog!!