Mar 6, 2013


I wanted to document some Brennerisms that have been on my mind lately. I don't want to forget them and since my memory rivals the most forgetful goldfish I think it's a good idea.  We were driving home in the quiet car the other night and Brenner chimes in with "It would be really sad to be a turtle. You never get to meet your parents." He thinks of the best stuff! He has a shirt that says "random" and it could not be more appropriate. 

This weekend Brenner wandered in the kitchen to make a snack and then asks me if I'd like to go on a lunch date with him. Of course I say yes because I've had a crush on this babe since day one! He grabs his plate of crackers and cheese and says "See you on the patio." I died. We sat and talked about school and life. He told me they're doing fractions in math and lets me know his slice of cheese is 1/8. Again, I died. We ended up talking about what he wants to do for his birthday next month and he tells me. "How about get baptized and have a party after". I like it. 

Brenner got a spotlight award at school last week. He was super excited and kept confirming that I would come to the ceremony. I've been known to forget those things...oops. He brought home his sticker and carefully stuck it to his bedroom door. 
Brenner is in that "don't call me cute" phase. So one night Sean tells him, "Brenner, you're so cute." His response..."Back off." He gets so angry when we tell him he's cute, which just happens to be the cutest thing in the world to me. 
Fighting Dad for calling him cute. 
Our neighbors have a bunch of cute chickens in the back yard and Brenner LOVES them. He scoops them up and lets them perch on his shoulder while he plays. He told my neighbor he will be their "official chicken wrangler" if they'd let him. He is so gentle and sweet with them. Man I love that kid.


  1. The "meet ya on the patio" kills me!! What a little cutie!! But don't call him what a little stud muffin :))

  2. How do you know you don't meet your parents somewhere in the sea, if you are a turtle? I think Brenner is a nature-lovin' philosopher. Love him!!!