Mar 4, 2013

I wish they all could be California girls

San Diego is this magical place where sunsets are always beautiful and the weather is always perfect. After living here for almost 9 years {minus our 6 month hiatus in Virginia Beach} I've learned that even though it is perfect, no one ever stays. It's a city of students, military, and young couples on a California adventure. We have had so many friends move away over the years and I just don't think it'll ever get easier. Your friends truly become your family in a place like this. You share birthday parties, holidays, Sunday dinners and lazy afternoons with these friends and you realize that we really are a giant family.

It's been a busy week leading up to my friend Liz moving away. We had the most amazing time together in San Diego and I will cherish every memory. Our little gal-pal group had a last goodbye at my house. We were all a little emotional but the promise of girls trips and visits helped us keep it together. I will really miss the day-to-day time spent with her. That's what breaks my heart. As I left the gym this morning I got all emotional thinking about how we won't be meeting up there anymore. I'm sure I'll have some good cryfests over it but I know that this is what was best for them right now so that gives me peace. 

The kids attacked Liz with hugs and kisses. Goodbyes are hard for kids too. They still talk about so many friends who have left San Diego
In typical Liz fashion. She gave each of us a little gift of chocolate, mint nail polish and a yummy candle. Things girls love. She's the best.  
We all sniffled and waved as we watched them drive off. We love you Bryants!
I really miss all you peeps who've moved away. My friend Jenniline {who moved away} always used to say she wished she could turn all her friends into Polly Pockets so she could stash them in her purse and take them with her everywhere. I feel like that about all my girls. Why don't you all give yourselves a big hug from me :) I love you and think of you all  often!
You know who you are....


  1. You are the sweetest. Everytime I leave after seeing one of you girls, I come home wishing I could be more classy like you girls. You are all so fabulous in every way. I just love love love you all too! ;)

  2. Lela, I love this post! So perfectly put.

  3. Sob, sob and sob some more. I miss you guys sooooo much! That picture of the kids hugging me made me really cry. I love my friends' kids like they're my own babies. Can't wait to come back!!!!