Mar 1, 2013

Last but not least

We went on one last group date last night. Liz wanted to go to Piatti Ristorante, an Italian restaurant in La Jolla that had come highly recommended.  It did NOT disappoint! The fresh bread, salads, pizzas and pastas were all amazing.

Here's the thing about moving (I'm the self proclaimed expert)'ve got to get all your "lasts" in. Last date, last girls night, last lunch, last favorite taco, last photos with friends, last beach day and zoo day. You get the point. We've been cramming the fun to the very end. It's what you do :)

I sure love these babes! 
There were gifts, hugs, tears, cards, laughter and the best conversation you ever did hear. After dinner we hit up another "last" over at Extraordinary Desserts and then helped David & Liz cram some more stuff into boxes. Hopefully we can fit in a few more lasts in before they leave. 

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