Feb 28, 2013

Zoo, Round Two

We met up with my cousin Aarin and her kiddies for round two at the zoo on Wednesday. It was another beautiful San Diego day, so hey why not. It worked out well because the big boys have half day on Wednesday and got to come along.

Zane LOVES his cousin Whitney! They are the same age and get along so well. I was dying watching them pal around and hold hands all day. It was the sweetest thing I ever did see. 

Indy is really starting to notice the animals and usually just points and says, "Oooooo", with big eyes. 

The Daysen - Hippo stare down. 

I usually zip past the birds en route to the big hairy animals but we noticed some exceptionally colorful ones. I think I was excited about pointing them out to Whitney. I really do need a girl. 

So, over by the Panda exhibit they always offer to take a group shot with their big fancy zoo camera and I always hand over my phone and ask if they can take one with mine too. I never buy their expensive souvenir print but I scandalously took a picture of the screen (which the lady told me was not allowed, oops) because they made it look like all the kids were holding baby pandas. Too cute, right?!?! My rebellious nature was strong yesterday. I also, lead our group to the "Do Not Enter" zone to get a better look at the lions. 

Kung-Fu Pandas. 
After the zoo we met up in Old Town for dinner at Casa Guadalajara. Such a fun day! Cousins are the best :)

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