Feb 27, 2013

Lasties with Liz

One of my  best friends in the world is moving away soon. It seriously breaks my heart and makes me ill to think of her not being in San Diego anymore. I'm going to miss their whole family SO SO SO much! Our hubbies are close friends, our boys are great pals and of course we are SUPER close. We are definitely soul sistas, which people say we look like sisters anyway! Liz is an amazing person who I admire and love to the moon and back. I hope she knows how much she will be missed every SINGLE day. Girls trips, vacations and visits are already in the works. Thankfully, they will only be a short 5 hour drive away...phew. 

Today was really our last day to have an all day adventure so we decided to get some lunch and then take the boys to the zoo. She took me to this inCREDible place for lunch called Con Pane in Point Loma. It's a newish bakery and sandwich shop. If you haven't been, well you NEED to go. Liz has mad chef skills and is quite the foodie so I knew if she was raving about it, it must be good. Liz recommended the turkey cobb on focaccia and it was by far the best sandwich I've ever had my hands on. I got a brioche cinnamon roll to bring to the zoo. Serious yumfest!

Zane asked me to take a picture with Liz. He really loves her :) 

When we got to the zoo Zane and William plotted our course. Monkeys first, then hippos and finally elephants and lions. These boys are SUCH cute buddies and they get along SO well. I know they're going to miss each other like crazy. I could sob about it for days. Sigh...

These baby besties MELT me!

After a long day at the zoo we dropped all the boys off with Sean (he's the BEST) and then went to dinner just us. We went to one of my faves, Playa Grill for happy hour. Drinks and appetizers are half off so we got virgin strawberry margaritas and some yummy appetizers to share. Liz and I have been eating pretty healthy and working out like crazy lately so having a day to play and cheat on our diets was pretty nice. I believe in days off. They make me happy. 

It was a super fun, much needed, wonderful, memorable day. I'm already counting down to our first visit. I miss her before she's even left. I love you Lizzy Love. 

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  1. Bawling. Like, ugly cry, bawling. Yesterday was the perfect day. Thank you. I love YOU to the moon and back!!!!