Feb 25, 2013

12 Years

 Sean and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary this weekend. TWELVE years guys! It really does go by so super duper fast. I feel like it was yesterday we were punk kids in high-school! I've learned a lot in 12 years, about me, about marriage and about true love. I'm so eternally grateful that God brought us together. It just keeps getting better. 
 ~Here are a few things I love about Sean~
He's got great hair,
a nice smile and a rockin' bod. 
He's an amazing father.
He writes the best love notes.
 He plays guitar and writes me songs.
He has an incredible testimony and is always willing to serve others and share his testimony. 
He's funny, witty and goofy.
He works REALLY hard at his job.
He's great with babies.
  He's honest, sometimes too honest. 
 He looks hot in a uniform.
He's a great people person.
He tells me he loves me every single day. 
Our anniversary was on Sunday so we decided to put the kids to bed at 7 and have a nice dinner date at home. The day started out rough after a night-long ER visit with Indy and early meetings for Sean. If anything, it made it that much better to sit down and relax. 

 We popped open our favorite sodas while Sean grilled and I cooked.    
   Sean grilled up some ribeyes while I made a salad, roasted asparagus, sauteed mushrooms and creamy scallops. Yumfest!   


I found Sean's favorite ice cream for dessert (which has been harder and harder to find these days). What the crap Ben & Jerry's?!?! 

 We listened to James Taylor, chatted about life and things we can be better at, then cuddled up and watched the Oscars that we had recorded from earlier...only we missed the last twenty minutes, which of course is the best part, because the Oscar show went over. Dang.

"I'm in love and I DON'T care who knows it."

The End. 

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