Jul 8, 2013

A Sunday To Love

I have this love/hate relationship with Sundays. Always have. I love going to church to feel uplifted and renewed--I hate going to bed early on Saturday night so that I can get up super early to get ready--I love singing hymns, hearing testimonies and uplifting talks--I hate wrangling poopy tired toddlers for 3 hours. I love that it's a day off for the whole family (usually anyway)--I hate that it goes by so fast and that Monday and the week ahead is looming in my mind. You get the drift. I'm really trying to make Sundays a day I love instead of dread. Here's a few ways how. I get up and crack open a cold Dr Pepper for breakfast, I turn on some relaxing music while I get ready {usually Paul Cardall Hymns--the BEST}, and I try to have kids showered and clothes laid out the night before. I made this deal with my boys that since I don't have a daughter to dress up that I get to dress them and fix their hair on Sundays. It's a great gig I have going.

 Another way I try to make Sundays enjoyable is by having Sunday Dinners. We try to have a nice dinner with our family or with close friends every Sunday. This Sunday we had a potluck/birthday dinner out on the patio for Stephanie and Parker since their birthdays are just two weeks apart. They're two of my most favorite people and I wanted to make sure and celebrate them since I know I won't get to see them on their birthdays. 

 We had Italian food since I know it's Parker's favorite. My kids were stoked. They could eat pasta and bread every meal--every day of their lives. Kind of like me and Mexican food. 

 I picked up a White Chocolate Raspberry bundt cake the night before. I knew I'd be too lazy to bake on Sunday. Plus they're super delish!

 We all sang happy birthday at the top of our lungs. 
 Then we sat around the fire and sang songs. All the Moms had our feet up resting by the fire and Indy was determined to stretch his short little leg up to warm his toes. 
 Apparently all Parker wanted for his birthday was for Sean to sing him a song. Ha ha! Not really but it made for a great photo. 
Sean and Kristian must make cool duck faces whilst holding guitars. 
Sunday perfected. The End. 

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