Jul 6, 2013

Independence Day 2013

I LOVE the 4th of July. Love, love, love! It has always been one of my very favorite holidays for so many reasons. I love the parades, the red white & blue, the food, the fireworks and of course the patriotism. My heart swells when I think about America. The US rocks! We just do. 

This year we were all over the place with plans. First we thought maybe we'd brave Coronado--then we thought we'd take our friends boat out in the bay. Then we thought about the herds of people and traffic Armageddon and we decided to keep it simple. So the plan? Pool, BBQ and watch fireworks from the rooftop. It. Was. Awesome. We rented the cabana at the Meilsoe's pool and set up a cozy little party area. Stephanie, Kristi, Erin and I all brought yumtastic food and I whipped up a patriotic table scape. 

We swam, ate, laughed. Repeat. 

 Sean kept jumping in with Indy. He was nervous at first but then he was all about it. Game. ON!

 Lemmme just tell you--those Jones kids can pose. 

 Kristi's baby Leo was getting love from all the peeps. He's so stinkin' cute. 

 Indy and his posse of toddlers (Ollie & Signe) were snatching up any sodas that were left sitting around. They'd grab them and run before we could snatch them back. 
 Little 'Muricans. 

 Eventually the gee-tars came out. ALWAYS my favorite time of night. Did I mention I love boys singing on guitars? Well, I do. I friggin' love it. 

 We cleaned everything up and headed to the roof to watch the fireworks shows around town. We had the best view of the Seaworld show. Alllllllso, don't tell on me, but I smuggled some "illegal" sparklers (yes California is lame) in from Vegas and we let the kids light them up. 

 I gave the kids a cool fluid-dance light show. They were either impressed or they were mesmerized by that stupid look on my face. 

 Indy had his very first sparkler...and almost lit his blond curls on fire. Ooooooops. 
 Seriously one of the most chill-super fun-perfect 4th of July's ever! God Bless America!!!!
The End. 

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