Jun 1, 2014

Lizzy's Angel Baby Shower

My dear friend Lizzy Lou is just weeks away from having her first baby GIRL! Our group of friends here in San-dee-ahgo planned a shower to welcome her "Angel Baby." We talked her into coming out from Arizona for a little girl's weekend celebration; and we met up for lunch and treats at Tender Greens in Liberty Station

You know what? I've figured out the bestest way ever to plan parties. Wanna know how? You get a group of talented besties, have a girl's night planning meeting (with snacks), and you assign a job for each friend to do. This was the easiest party of all time! I did the floral arrangements, table decor and  French macarons. Stephanie made adorable angel wing & doily banners, Erin made a beautiful and decadent chocolate cake, Kristi brought balloons (plus herself, which is basically a human party), and Aarean made little angel winged nail polish party gifts.

And then there was pink. 

I die.

I love, love, LOVE watching ruffly girly things come out of boxes... but shamelessly; I can't help but choke back tears. Oh, to have a girl. I live vicariously!

 I could never fully explain the hilarity of this picture; but I'll try. Kristi had to work before the shower so she quickly packed up Lizzy's gift early in the morning before leaving the house. As she scrambled to find tissue paper to stuff in the bag, she realized she didn't have any handy, BUT, she did see some fluffy yellow packing material from a gourmet gift basket laying around. As Liz reached into the gift bag, she just kept pulling out endless yellow fluff. As the pile of fluff grew, the laughing became uncontrollable. Kristi is the BEST!

Sistas! I love her.

 Cora was our own little Angel Baby full of smiles and giggles the whole day. I love her so. 
 But first. Let us take a selfie!

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  1. Such a cute shower! I loved how it was outdoor at a favorite restaurant. Perfect for baby #3!