Aug 2, 2014

Cameron's Bébé Shower

I was able to host yet another super fun baby shower - this time for my dear friend, Cameron. This is Cameron's second girl and I swear EVERYONE is having girls. It almost makes me wanna jump on the bandwagon. Almost

We decided to have her shower at Tender Green's in Point Loma, since Lizzy's shower was so successful out on the patio there. THEN, it decided to rain in San August! I was mildly devastated because it messed up all my decor plans, but we moved it inside and it ended up being just fine. OCD much? Sheesh. 

The theme was slightly French Provincial. With bold black and white stripes and elegant touches of peachy pinks and teal blues - and the occasional bird, or course.

 This beautiful and delicious chocolate cake was made by Cameron's friend, Juli. She did a great job!

 Cameron's friend Cheri helped me co-host and made these cute party gifts, "Wishes For Baby", and the standard game of "guess how big Mama's belly is" by having guests cut a piece of ribbon. Everyone always over guesses on those. Her Grandmother's guess was closest. Experience wins!


 Me - Cameron - Cheri 

I'm excited for baby Eleanor Rose (Ellie) to arrive! Congrats to my sweet friend and thank you for all who helped and attended. Hugs!!! 

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