Feb 10, 2015

Welcoming Brittany's Angel

 A few weeks ago my friend Rebekah approached me about helping with a baby shower for her best friend, Brittany.  These two have been friends since they were little and you can tell that they have a beautiful bestie bond.  They moved to San Diego with their husbands around the same time and I'm so lucky to call them both my friends.  Truly amazing women! 

They have both struggled with difficulty in starting a family, and have endured that trial together.  This fall Rebekah & Ken got news that they are finally expecting a baby (a girl, yay!) and soon after, Brittany & Nathan found out they were going to be adopting a baby girl - A sweet little miracle who arrived "on the wings of angels."  I am SO happy that they are being blessed with the joy of Motherhood together.  Those are some lucky baby girls to have these two as mothers!

A group of ten of us got together to host this shower, and it was really sweet to see so many women willing to help.  Everyone went above and beyond with their part in the party, and thank goodness because I couldn't have done this all without them (I'm finally walking around without crutches, but it's slow and I look like a penguin).  The theme was 
angel wings and I was able to recycle a few things from Lizzy's Angel shower - so that was nice!  

All the hostesses. 
Brittany and baby R.

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  1. Lela that made me cry! You are such a wonderful friend and I'm so grateful for all your love and support. Thank you for all your help making this shower so beautiful and filled with love! 😇💜