Apr 21, 2012

"Brothers don't shake hands"...

..."Brothers gotta hug!"

The BEST thing about having boys is seeing them with each other. My boys LOVE their brothers. I can honestly say it's my favorite thing ever in life. I love it. I love seeing them caring for each other and being affectionate with one another.  I hope that they always have this amazing bond and continue to take care of each other. My heart just keeps on melting with each little man that joins our family. Boys. Just. Rock. 

Daysen is no doubt the best big brother of ALL TIME. He is kind and loving to all of his brothers. I hope I always remember the sweet things my boys do for each other. Daysen will tote Indy around on his hip while I take a shower, pour cereal for his brothers, help them tie their shoes, help Zane buckle and unbuckle his car seat, carry whatever purse or diaper bag I throw at him. Not to mention, he fold towels perfectly. He's the best! His younger brothers have no idea how lucky they are to have a brother that is NEVER mean to them. The thing I appreciate the most is his example. He is teaching them how to be amazing big brothers. 

 Brenner learned from the best! He's a great brother too. He reads to Zane, picks up toys, always notices new things his brothers do, he's encouraging, he makes us all laugh, he does flash cards with Zane and he sings to Indy. He is such a joy to have around. Brenner has loads of charisma and was Zane and Indy's favorite brother as babies; Probably because he's so animated and good looking :)
Oooooh Zane. It's no secret he's my most wild child. He hasn't always been the nicest little brother. He pesters Daysen and Brenner relentlessly and always has some mischief to get into. BUT, he is an AMAZING big brother. We just knew he would be. Having Indy has calmed him down and softened his demeanor. He LOVES Indy. He is always hugging and kissing and oogling over him. He tells me all the time that he loves him and that he's "SOOO freakin' squeezy!!!" Now that Indy has joined our family Zane is becoming a better little brother as well. Zane LOVES to help around the house. His favorite chores are carrying in groceries, vacuuming, cleaning up the back patio and washing the windows (he'll go through a whole bottle of Windex in one day). I just love that kid!
Indy has no idea how lucky he is. I can't wait to see how he will be as a brother. He's just so sweet and cuddly; exactly what I hoped for. I'm already madly in love. 
 Mama loves her boys!!!


  1. Love reading all that. They are they way they are because of you and Sean. They are amazing boys!! We love them!!
    Emily Jones

  2. Awwww! Momma bear! That was the sweetest little tribute to your boys. They will love to look back and read this when they are older. Love the brother photos. Adorbs! How can I get on the list to have my daughter marry one of the Boyd boys?! Your are raising some fine young men there lady Lou!!

  3. Lela, I got to your blog from Elizabeth's . . . hope you don't mind I'm stalking you! :) I feel so bad I didn't get a chance to say goodbye before I moved to AZ for the summer. Have you guys moved? I hope all is going well . . . and this post was so, so sweet! Your boys are seriously so adorable--individually and as brothers to one another. You are one amazing Mama! :)

  4. I so wish I could be a part of your lives... such beautiful people. I hope in some small way, your boys could know they have an Aunt Andrea that thinks you are all so amazing.