Jan 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

Indy got to stay up and help play Santa on Christmas Eve. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say he'll forget these shenanigans next year so no harm done. He was loving the balloons...I think they reminded him of giant boobs. Mmmmm boobs. 

Big boys off to bed. The one night of the year they don't fight bedtime. 

Santa himself and our elves Uncle Kale and his girlfriend Lisette. 

Doneskies! Santa officially arrived. 

Indy got to open the first gift (naturally because it's his first Christmas). This sequence makes me smile. You can totally see him figuring out this opening gifts thing. 

We didn't spend much money this year but the boys seemed generally pleased with all their presents. Thank you Amazon.com for making my Christmas shopping so easy peasy!

We had homemade Belgian waffles, eggs, bacon, tots and freshly squeezed OJ for Christmas breakfast. Thanks to our bountiful harvest of oranges from our orange trees. It was perfect. 

After gifts and breakfast we got showered and drove up to OC to Aunt Merideth's to be with family for Christmas dinner. Aunt Meri made lots of yummy food. We had homemade soup, appetizers, fruit, meat and veggie trays, cookies, pies and all the other wonderful Holiday yummies. A good time was definitely had by all. 
 Eskimo kisses...why not?!?!

Great Grandma Mavis is the BEST! My boys sure love their Grandma's. Can we just sit and admire her beauty for a minute. One beautiful Great Grandma right thar!

Indy all dreamy eyed.

We like to be goofy, have lots of balloons and go in the pool and hot tub on Christmas. It's Southern California after all. 

What a wonderful Christmas with a wonderful family! 

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  1. What a great blot Leland. Thank you for sharing your family with us. :o)