Jan 13, 2013

Beach Boys

We spent Sunday afternoon at the beach with our friends the Vaughn's. The boys rode bikes, ripstiks, scooters and balance bikes up and down the boardwalk. I can't think of a better way to run some energy out of a pack of boys.  

Indy got a free ride. Lucky babe. 

The Littles played baseball on the beach. 


Had snacks on the beach. 

Gangnam styled at the beach. 

Played tag at the beach. 

Cried over crackers stolen by Daddy at the beach. 

Climbed on rocks at the beach. 

Did dangerous things at the beach. 

Daysen is a madman on the Ripstik. I'm so jealous. I am determined to be good at it. No GREAT at it. 

Netty and me. Love her. 

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