Jan 13, 2013

Quadruple Date

We went on a lovely quadruple date this weekend. We don't get out much sans the minions so going on a date always seems like a special occasion. We went with our favorite posse to a great restaurant downtown. Oh how I truly enjoy a great meal with great people. 

Sean seems to be admiring David. They don't call him Bromance for nothing. 

 Looking at this picture I thought "Man we all have great hair!" Thanks to Miss Kristi Camille Jones :) 

I swear I'm not a thief...but I kinda wanted to steal these salt & pepper shakers. I refrained. 

The restaurant was so cute and cozy. We even snuggled up with fancy bird pillows. Home girls love putting birds on things. If you haven't seen "put a bird on it" go google it now. NOW!

 This wasn't my food but doesn't it look nummy?!?! I had a salad with grilled chicken & shrimp. The food was divine. 

I think Sean is excited about his Lasagna. I know I would be. 

My hot date. He's got the smolder. 

We carpooled with the Smiths. They took us home and then we stayed up until 2 am talking about everything from flying in dreams to underwear. Good times. 

 Hooray for date night!!

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