Jan 6, 2013

Papa Bear's 31st

Sean turned 31 this weekend. We tease him that he's an old man, but really he's pretty spry for being a father of 4 in his 30's. We started his birthday at the gym and then we came home and I made all his favorites for a birthday brunch. 
Rosemary bacon. Scrambled eggs with parmesan. Vanilla bean crepes with fresh fruit and cottage cheese & greek yogurt. 

After brunch we got dressed and headed to the World Famous San Diego Zoo. It was perfect weather for an outing in San Diego. 

 It was Indy's first time at the zoo so we really loved seeing his reactions to all the animals. He would just stare and say "whoa". It was cute...so I took a million pictures... because that's what moms do. 

Big splurge for the birthday boy. A 25 cent foot massage. 

Admiring the rhino butt. He even dropped a huge poop for them! They were highly entertained. I fled the scene. 

Daysen begged to take the camera so I let him shoot a few pics. 

Then I brought him in tight for a good ole Mommy boob snuggle. 

 The tiger is always hiding so we were stoked to see him taking a snooze by the glass. 

It started to get dark and I was freezing my buns off so I decided we should head out. They were all mad at me but I'm a girl and when I get cold I get whiny. They need to learn that lesson about girls. 

We took Daddy to one of his favorite spots for dinner, a little Mexican cafe called Playa Grill. They have the best green salsa in town. 

Sean isn't a huge cake guy, but he loves Reese's ice cream! 

Indy thought we were all singing Happy Birthday to him. He loved it!

After dessert we got in PJ's and watched a movie. 
Good times :)
Happy Birthday Seany-Nonny!! We love you!

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  1. This really does look like the best day ever!
    Congratulations Sean, you and Lela have one great family!!
    Thanks to Grampa for sharing!