Mar 18, 2013

Cousins are fun. It's Science.

We have great cousins and I still get super excited when they come to visit. I think my mind reverts to my 6 year old self and remembers all the good times spent growing up with Aunts and Uncles and Cousins galore. My Mom's sister Aeme and her kids come to San Diego a few times a year for vacation at their time share. We always get together and I love it! Yet another great perk of living where everyone else vacations. I'm bummed I didn't take enough pictures. We went to lunch, had them over for dinner on the patio, had a girls night at Extraordinary Desserts and swam at the resort. All not pictured :( Wah...wah. 

My cousin Aaron and his wife Aarin (yup, Aaron and Aarin or as we call them Aaron Boy and Aarin Girl) stayed with us with their two kids. Zane and Whitney are close in age and Kody and Indy are just a few months apart so they had fun paling around...or attacking each other. 
We spent one of the days at Balboa Park. Zane got shoulder rides from Aaron who's 6'6. All these tall uncles and cousins are like jungle gyms on the go! It's great. 

Skeltons' love all things fish. 
Darn street vendors sucked my kids in for "free balloons". Which means I had to dig around my purse for some cash donations. Stinkers. 

During their stay my Uncle Pete and cousin Tyler went out on a deep sea fishing adventure and brought home some fish that my uncle turned into magical fish tacos. Yes, magical. Magically delicious. 
Such a great time! I sure love those Skeltons :)

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