Mar 14, 2013

Duck Hunt

The other day I took all the boys to the dentist for cleanings. While the three big boys were getting treatment I took Indy to the duck park out back. He was cracking me up chasing ducks and turtles around like a mad man. I honestly think he was convinced he would catch one. Just when one critter would get away from him he would spy another and go chasing wildly after it. My kids LOVE the dentist because of this park (although the dentist office itself is really wonderful). They are always begging to go and then we end up spending hours there running around the walking trail, sitting on the bridge and large rocks. It's called Webb Park in Rancho Bernardo and it's my fave. 

I don't know what it is with boys and critters. That same afternoon Zane figured out that if you lift up stones in the back yard you can find all kinds of new friends. He was toting around a rolie-polie for a while, until he lost it in the toy box. Then he  found this tiny snail and it was love. He begged me to take a picture of him and his new friend. 

I love boys. The End. 

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