Apr 22, 2013

According to my iPhone {4.22.13}

This week...there were lots of flowers picked from my yard.

Sean hung lights over my patio table for some romantic ambiance. 

We went to lunch and the zoo with my friend Alana and Indy realized his favorite animal is the mini lion monkey.

I FaceTimed my bestie.
Indy finally had his one year check up. Here he is before shots...poor peanut.

Sean and I went on a late night date to Burger Lounge and I realized their Vanilla Shake is my new fave.
Mike and Odette came to visit and we went to Playa Grill for shrimp tacos.
Brenner invented the "snowy mountain" slurpee. 
Mustache underwear was hot this week.

...and Brenner had an awesome Birthday Baptism Bash. 


  1. Indy running down the street in his diaper is sooo sweet! Loved it all :)