Apr 25, 2013

Eight is Great

Brenner turned 8 this weekend so we sat down for an interview (a new yearly tradition). Here's a recap of Brenner's last year and what he's up to lately.

He's 52 inches tall and weighs in at 65 pounds.
Favorite movie is Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part II.
Favorite song is Mississippi Queen.
Favorite book is Magic Treehouse-Pirates Past Noon.
Favorite video game is War-hawk.
He wants to be a Naval Officer when he grows up.
He wants everyone to know that "singing and talking in front of people is embarrassing".
His favorite bug is a Tarantula.
Favorite animal is an Eagle.
 Favorite restaurant is Carrabba's.
Favorite subjects are Math and Art.
He loves making paper airplanes &
Legos--especially mini figures.
 Brenner got a new bike for his birthday. He loves it! It's "bigger, better and faster", he says.

 Here are a few favorite photos of Brenner this last year. I love him. 


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