Apr 29, 2013

Alive at Five

Maybe this sounds horrible for a Mother to admit but we're pleasantly surprised that Zane made it to 5. He's a crazy boy! He's a wild, dangerous, reckless, adventurous, hilarious, gyrating, girl crushing mad man...but he's Zane and he rocks. 

I sat down for his Birthday interview...
He's 46 inches tall. 
Favorite Movie is Wreck it Ralph (naturally).
Favorite song is "La La La La La, Let's Live for Today".
When he grows up he wants to "Go to the pool and do a back flip".
Favorite thing to do is "Climb buildings".
Favorite color is "red, yellow and green...well actually all of them". 
Favorite animal is a giraffe.
Best friend is "William and the whole world".
Favorite foods are apple juice and a chicken sandwich.

It was a busy week so we kept his birthday somewhat low key. The day before his birthday Sean took him to Ruby's for dinner and the day after he took him and his brothers out for a movie, bowling and pizza. ON his birthday I took him for the traditional morning donuts run, to target to pick out a new bike, to the park at the gym, and then we ended up spending the rest of the afternoon at a BBQ at our friends next door. My friend Maisie graduated from law school and her husband hosted a fabulous party so we scandalously told Zane it was his birthday party too. Yeah, I'm that awesomely sneaky. He loved it. We even stuck some candles in his slice of cake and sang him Happy Birthday. 

Narrowing down the best pictures of Zane this year would've been impossible so I quickly added some of my faves. Here's Zane one year ago turning four. 
 First self hair cut.
 The buzz cut after. 
 En route to Virginia he discovered a great way to mask the smell of stinky rest stop bathrooms. 
He loves to climb up on things. Especially his dad. 
Always dapper. 

 Brother squeezer. Poor Indy. 
"Look Mom no hands"...wait what?
 Always posing. 
 Always injuring himself. Lost count of the doctor and ER visits this year. 

Always stylin' 
 Hanging with pals. 
Loving his bros. 
 Always making silly faces. 
Always dancing on top of things. 
 Rode a bike like a champ, first try. 
 Loves dressing up for church. 
 ...and just being cool.
We love you Zane-ee-pooh. Please keep being your awesome self...just safer please. Happy 5th Birthday!


  1. Oh Zane!! We could eat you up we love you so! Be safe for your mommy you wild man you! Happy 5th bday Zane-ee-poo!!

  2. Oh man this made me laugh so hard! And then I got a little teary eyed when he said that William is his best friend. We need to get those two boys together ASAP! Then I laughed and laughed some more just thinking about all the funny things Zane does and says. Love you to the moon Zane!