Apr 29, 2013

According to iPhone {4.29.13}

~This Week ~
We went to the zoo...again. Man we really get our money's worth on those zoo passes. We went with Carrie and her minions and had a picnic in the tree-house cafe.
We had the "Frenchie" from Pizza Luigi's. It's one of my favorite pizzas on planet earth. Go try it.
Indy was cute...again.
 Indy realized he loves the vacuum attachment more than any toy and pushed it around for hours--running over anyone who gets in his way.
We celebrated my friend Bobbi turning 30. We had dinner at Casa Guadalajara and then did a girls dessert excursion the next night. Why is food the best way to celebrate?!?

Zane turned 5
Indy obsessed over chickens and waved at them non-stop.
I picked some flowers from the yard and a little snail hitched a ride into the house. Ewww. Escargot anyone?
 I made the BEST
 Tropical Crème brûlée Pavlova for a baby shower for "Miss Kristi"...as all the minions call her. {Post for the shower and recipe later this week}
Indy and Miss Kristi held their matching bellies at the baby shower.
Sunday night jam session and song singin' with Parker and Stephanie.
A dum dum and a stool just so happens to be the best babysitter when you're busy getting ready.
Zane dancing on the car late at night. What? This doesn't happen at your house? Liars!
My washing machine bit the dust this week --  and while we wait a week for our new one to arrive, I realized it's kinda cool getting 9 loads of laundry done all at once.
Indy was loving/hating being thrown in the air. In the end I think he prefers snuggles to being tossed.
Our beloved fish Bruce passed away this week. The boys held a toilet side service. It's a tradition to get a new fish and name him Bruce so that'll go down this next week. I think we might be on Bruce the 4th by now. 
The End

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