Apr 15, 2013

Weekly iPhone Photos {4.14.13}

I thought it would be smart & practical to do a weekly iPhone photos round-up on my blog. This is my family journal after all. Since 95% of the pictures we take are on our phones, it's a great way to tell our weekly story of events, silliness and what the kiddos are up to. Some might be repeats of instagram photos, so forgive me for that. 

This is my favorite easy-healthy-fast dinner lately. Scrambled eggs, sauteed veggies and chicken sausage, topped with a salad of arugula, parmesan and balsamic. I need to remember this when it's 6:37, dinner is no where in sight and I have decided to order pizza instead of cooking. 

I.J.B found some glasses at the YMCA park. He thought he was one cool cucumber. He actually kept them on the whole time he played. So cute. 

Awwww Spring. I love your guts. 

Zane is my athletic child..NO doubt about that. This week he decided to jump on Brenner's bike (he has been riding a balance bike for the last year or so) and BAM he was off. He wasn't just riding, he was going over curbs, standing and riding, going fast, taking tight turns and saying "look mom no hands!". It was awesome. Now he asks every day--all day if he can ride his bike. I love that kid. 

Uncle Kale, my older brother and Irish twin, came to visit this week. He stayed just one night before flying out to Maui for his son Kannon's 10th birthday. He took us out for dinner at Playa Grill and then dessert at D-bar. My boys LOVE their uncle. They ask everyday when he's coming back.

Side note: I took this picture of Zane with crazy bedhead this week. Doesn't he look like Kale? Blue eyes, same face and nose. I always compare Kale and Zane....they climb everything, are super athletic, have incredible balance and strength, are defiant by nature, never want to wear shirts, are tall with broad shoulders and long torsos. I could go on for days. My mom and Grandma tell legendary stories of Kale's antics and daredevil ways. I already tell the same stories about Zane (like this post by Liz). Even though he keeps me on my toes, I have this little soft spot for Zane and his likeness to Kale. I just love them both. 
This next set of photos had me cracking up all weekend. Sean came home from work and Indy jumped in his arms and whacked him in the face out of excitement. We really don't want him hitting so Sean sternly said "No Indy, we don't hit". He was DEVASTATED. So he cried, then he pouted, then he looked deep into Sean's eyes as if to say I'm sorry. They hugged it out and all was well. 

We went over to a friends house for a play date on Friday. My friend Alana, a childhood friend from Idaho, just moved here with her family a few months ago. Her hubby is also a Naval Officer so we had lots to catch up on and chat about. I'm so excited to have my Navy family grow, it's such a great support system. Plus, she's a super cool chick and has two of the MOST adorable daughters you ever did see. Brenner and Charlotte were so cute hanging out all afternoon. 

Sean took me on a date this Saturday and somehow we ended up at Extraordinary Desserts. 

A man multitasking. Enough said. 

Last but not least, my Indy Bear at church. Isn't he dapper? This guy has figured out how to get out of sacrament meeting so he can roam the halls like a madman. Oi. 

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